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How to draw a line with the mouse
So the point of the program is when a person left clicks its meant to emulate the line function in p...
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Changing WinProcs
I'm trying to change the winproc while a program is running, I have it set to do this when the user ...
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Garbage in my Char buffer
I have a program that when i push a button, i want it to get the text from 3 different text boxes an...
[2 replies] Last: thanks for the help for anyone who may have the same beginner issue u... (by nathansmith72)
how to get the total commiossion for a sold amoun?
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This code from msdn won't work
I've got this in DemoApp.h: template<class Interface> inline void SafeRelease( Interface **pp...
[1 reply] : Ah man... I missed a capital "I" template<class Interface> inline v... (by InDustWeTrust)
Not understanding How to Enumerate Child Windows.
[1 reply] : Hi edumoette, EnumChildWindows() will walk the tree of child windows ... (by vigo)
Drawing a rectangle PROBLEM !!!
Hello, before I explain my problem I just wanted to say that I am quiet new to the programming. I...
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Winsock Win-8
I have tried to find some documentation on winsock for win-8 on MSDN but i cant find anything. i wan...
[6 replies] Last: They're still the same send/recv functions and I find nothing so bad i... (by S G H)
Using a native C struct in Managed C++
Hi I am trying to make a C wrapper around some native code so that I can use it in an Azure Web S...
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why Linux doesn't support Component Object Model (COM) ?
Why Component Object Model (COM) is not supported on linux. Plz anyone brief me through its technica...
[2 replies] Last: @hamzaali906: For heavens sake please stop with the duplicate posting!... (by kbw)
Fractal painting inside window
Hello, i am making multi-threaded fractal generation program, but i run into problem how to paint it...
[2 replies] Last: Ok, all problems sort out, now only one is left. I need to be able to ... (by kilohercas)
How do I send an LPARAM or WPARAM with a HIWORD and a LOWORD value in PostMessage()? Do I have to s...
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by gws923
Any method calls on an std::list resulting in a segfault.
Hello everyone. I am having a super weird problem. I'm using std::list to keep track of all the ...
[4 replies] Last: L B, yes, definitely. Honestly I just used the top and bottom nonsens... (by gws923)
by Phiru
How to call DrawItem manually??
I have a dialog which has 10 buttons in it. And those buttons are drawn with their own background im...
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Unhandled exception error in my compiler?
I'm having an issue in my array practice problem. I intialize and print out a 2D array using random ...
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by Nybble
VirtualQuery issue
Well I'm trying to figure out why this app keeps crashing... Basically I'm going through memory rea...
[9 replies] Last: I figured out what it was, I needed to filter out pages with the PAGE_... (by Nybble)
by geran6
How can I load a 32-bit png resource?
I added a 32bit png image as a resource. Now how can I load it with either GDI or WIC? Edit: I foun...
[2 replies] Last: would use OpenCV (by Darkmaster)
Hello, I am using "ReadProcessMemory" to view variables from other applications, but the problem is,...
[6 replies] Last: Nybble, I have the base pointer ("example.exe+01D3A1"). How do I pass ... (by SoapChicken)
by kw1991
don't know whats the problem with code
I'm trying to create a button using Win32 case WM_CREATE: { CreateWindow(TEXT("BUTTON")...
[2 replies] Last: i defined the button the the top of my code #define ID_BUTTON ... (by freddie1)
forms application standard i/o
I am writing a program and when a certain button is pushed i want it to get the text from a text box...
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