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by exus
Text RPG Parser?
I have been learning C++ for some time now, and would like to take a shot at making a text-based rpg...
[3 replies] Last: goto cin >> "text based rpg in c++ tutorial" cout << Man... (by cnoeval)
by aj3423
why message reflection?
Hi, I wonder why win32 controls use message reflection, for example, button doesn't get the click...
[1 reply] : Because its the parent than handles a button press, not the button. T... (by kbw)
by jens
compiling functions using opencv library to 64bit dll
Hi, I wrote some simple routines using opencv 2.4.4 and i had no problems to run the code. The de...
[5 replies] Last: Didn't knew that I have to add the opencv projects that I use in my fu... (by jens)
Making sound in windows
Is there a function that is somewhere between playsound() and Beep()? I'm wanting a function that y...
[5 replies] Last: Just to reiterate / clarify: Or maybe a way to create a sound file ... (by Disch)
Transitioning from console applications to windows applications
- Hello, I've been doing console programming for a while and I've just started to transition from co...
[6 replies] Last: The best approach here depends whether you are a "top-down" learner... (by freddie1)
Accessing network drive through MFC
I a created a network drive on my system and mapped it to Z: drive letter. Just the explaining th...
[2 replies] Last: It's a typo. Sorry for this. In actual code I have is correct I have v... (by dearvivekkumar)
Limiting Memory to increase efficiency
The way I understand it, declaring variables inside functions will cause a program to create an inst...
[13 replies] Last: ok. Well, that was the only concern I had, because I just could not a... (by IWishIKnew)
by colbra
Application not responding,apphanging
Hi everybody im new here not new to C++ just catching up on it, Im writing alarm program, the progra...
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I have an assignment that takes existing client and server code that's currently able to connect ove...
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help with sfml
so i downloaded sfml to use with code blocks (its the one you get with the c++ for dummies disc) and...
[17 replies] Last: You have to "register" it or it stops working in 30 days. Registering... (by Disch)
by kw1991
how to create a client server in MFC
I have never used MFC before, just c++ console applications, and c#. I just created a client server...
[13 replies] Last: Have you added the controls and mapped them onto objects in the dialog... (by kbw)
Direct3d vs direct2d versus directdraw for 2d games?
Which one is best for 2d games? I will need to use bitmaps and sprites a lot if that has any influen...
[4 replies] Last: Direct2D is a separate API. It was released with windows 7 and backpor... (by geran6)
by Zamuel
Program not responding message when trying to exit
Hello, I am upgrading an older program that is divided into several processes, there one is just ...
[8 replies] Last: Can't you port the code in the console program to be contained inside ... (by ajh32)
Directory functions not available
I am running Visual C++ 2010 Express on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit. I have written a small progr...
[2 replies] Last: opendir, readdir and closedir comes from POSIX world and are available... (by modoran)
I'm about to trash my computer - Tried to find the problem for hours
I have left some //Comments to help you navigate through the issue I have Main.cpp int WINAPI WinM...
[2 replies] Last: I got the answer from StackOverflow. I should have written this instea... (by InDustWeTrust)
I want similar code for this porgram
[2 replies] Last: Sorry, I want to make this program requirements to work on it (by Man silence)
Is there any function that's similar to...
ChangeInstruction(address, "push eax"); I'm making a trainer in C++, and I need these kinds o...
[1 reply] : Not really so straightforward. To "transform" 'push eax' into valid by... (by S G H)
WFA Windows Form Application Programming
I am currently using Visual Studio and I started a Windows Form Application. I was just wondering wh...
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MFC and ActiveX HWND
Hey guys I got a pretty unique situation here and I was wondering if somebody could enlighten me. ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks man, I can't believe I didn't think about EnumChildWindows() (by aaron1a12)
Read Process List Name that contains multibyte characters
Hi everybody, on the microsoft page:
[2 replies] Last: Hi everybody, could already resolve my own stupid question. I have to... (by funkmunich)
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