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Dynamic Memory in Windows
(edit: ignore this post, it was user error) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////...
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Restore Minimized Windows
How would you restore a minimized window back to the screen from code instead of by user input? ...
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[Deny Process] SetKernelObjectSecurity [Deny Access]
Hi, I am going to be releasing many sources and tutorials for some time to help others. Anyway toda...
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I need help with sockets.
I get an error which is supposed to mean I have an invalid socket handle. I will copy a post I poste...
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Use dll file
Hi, I want to develop an application for send some APDU commands. In this case we are using a sma...
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windows api for the console
I am writing a code for a game using windows api for the console. the code i have so far moves a cha...
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by dp1
why doesn't it work?
Hello everybody, I'm trying to develop a simple app with WinAPI, and I've already created the main ...
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Trying to make a healthbar with windows.h
I'm having a bit of trouble, thought I could ask here rather than failing a few more times. I'm t...
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so im making a multiple choice quiz... how do i count the radio buttons that were selected, so i ca...
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by Phiru
Launch IE in a control?
I have a dialog, which has a static and a button control. when I pressed the button, I want to la...
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Graphical Group Buttons
I have a black main form and I want to add a group button with a gray background. I do so using the ...
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by Elven
Windows programming and Windows Phone
Hello ! I'm new here . Just registered yesterday . So I started C++ with Turbo C++ because I heard ...
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by dp1
Hello everybody, I'm trying to develop a simple app with WinAPI, and I've already created the main ...
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how do i code for the tabcontrol thing? because i want to switch to the next tab using a button, is...
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Hi, I am developing a application using c. Using this application someone can do some operations....
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Flowchart to source code project?
So here's an idea for a project that I might make. The idea is to ask user to input a flowchart an...
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tellg() moves unexpectedly
I am writing a program with a class that has an fstream member. The functions for the class is to op...
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by Savage
Soon, i have to start my college project, but before i start i need an advice. I want to make a desk...
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problem with std::thread
im trying to do a c++11 tutorial on threading, but i dont think code::blocks (i know its not a compi...
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Compilation error
Hi All, I am creating a metro application on windows8.I am using vc++ programming language. I am ...
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