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Help creating a program that prints input from user
Hi, as you can tell from the title I'd like to try to create a program that will bring up a applic...
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So i made this calculator program using some functions. I'm still very new to C++, and programming ...
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How to limit textbox value
How to prevent a user input no more than x value to a digit-only textbox? PS: Not length but value....
[1 reply] : if (digit_only > x value) {cout << "Enter a value less than x value"};... (by GaGoKoYa)
by nivek
Win32 API in C (having error in call back function by using vb6)
Im using vb6 to call a device API(WIN32) which in c language .dll and it has a callback function fro...
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Bit stuck (BS_OWNERDRAW button AND MoveWindow(); function)
So, I'm a bit stuck here. I have it mostly working. However there are a few problems: 1) I hav...
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Multithreding for loop
Hi Guys! Can somebody modify this loop for multithreding please? I am very weak with MP. for(lo...
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[Help]Get a list of Handles of a process
I have been looking for a way to query handles in a process. I have a debugger, and when I attach i...
[1 reply] : This is a full source code of a C program that does exactly whay you w... (by modoran)
How to handle msvcr110.dll error
Hi Guys! Whenever I choose MD (Multi Threaded Dll) I am having msvcr110.dll error with the compute...
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Who want to build A open source chat software?
Who want to build A open source chat software? This project is in the works And need more people t...
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Registry problem (creation of key )
HEy guys . I am currently doing a project in which i need to register a key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,"S...
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Communicating Between Hinstances
Say I have two or three instances of the same application open and I want to be able to communicate ...
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how to change program to broadcast?
i created a client server program in mfc where the server shows all the ip addresses of the clients ...
[2 replies] Last: Broadcasting with TCP sockets is not possible. You'll first have to c... (by MSEBS1967)
by Dunken
Heap corruption because of tracking reference?
I'm facing managed heap corruption. Could the following function potentially cause the corruption? ...
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by ddow
Connection to SQL database?
Hi All I am creating a small program that basically writes to a database table for a small chari...
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What is a window handle?
Simply what is a window handle? And what are the properties it can hold? I've been through a fai...
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MFC Message
Hello guys, I am stuck on an MFC assignment I have this window dialog where it pops up(Ctrl F) and...
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by ToniAz
Running an application from within an application
Hello everyone! I want to execute the following sequence of statements: int main() { // do some...
[1 reply] : On Windows, the system call is CreateProcess. The shell provides Shel... (by kbw)
How to retrieve a hex value form an edit control
Hey, I am working on this project where an user has to enter a hex value in an edit control and I n...
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by andla
Need a free image library, png, Visual Studio 6.0
Need a free image library that can handle png xresolution and yresolution. I need it to be compatib...
[3 replies] Last: GDI+ supports reading/writing image metadata, no external library need... (by modoran)
How can hidden input change content of the edit controls
Hello.I'm trying to whrite code that depending on entered character ,change the content of the edit ...
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