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Does this look like a pig?
_,_@ ["__) / \
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Change window style while app is running
I want to create a function (if there isn't one already) that'll resize a window when given its hand...
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by aggsyb
Converting spy ++ messages to code ?
Hey, using MFC and just playing around with spy++ and I think this is the info I need to be able to ...
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Braille detection and translation in C++
Hi, according to my studies i create a progress which will be used to detect braille on a photo and...
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Run as admin mode
I was wondering, is it possible to add admin rights to a program? for example I've made a program t...
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How to turn a Local Hook to a Global Hook?
Hi, Recently I, made a hook which hooks MessageBoxA() function from the User32.dll. It was only Loc...
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by areej
my code rong
Class Main GUI import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class...
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recv to file with winsock?
I'm just about finished with my FTP client using WinSock. I successfully connect to the server and r...
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Hide browser
Hi! I need sourse of program that would open browser stealth and after, em, like 20sec. it would ...
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Copy Paste Question
Hello All! So, I have a question that may be a little bit hard to explain. First off, let me give y...
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A warning in the scoll bar
In the main.cpp file, I want to create the Scoll bars, as following: case WM_VSCROLL: switch(LO...
[4 replies] Last: a) #define _NOMINMAX as modoran suggest b) use std::max() functi... (by MiiNiPaa)
by TomSc
Windows 8 - memory increase
Hi! We are developing an application in C++. Our code works on windows 7 and on windows XP, but in ...
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Error LNK2019 (PathFileExists and PathFindFileName)
Hello! I am getting this error when I compile. What am I missing out? 1>keylogger test 2.obj : ...
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Code::Blocks pack images and sounds into .exe?
Hello! I am new to this forum and I am wondering if its possible to compile/pack images and sounds i...
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by Cer
How to catch event when Task manager kill your C++ application
I have a trouble about Task manager. Please help me how to catch event when task manager kill your C...
[12 replies] Last: @all i also think there is no way to do this. If you find out a soluti... (by Cer)
How do I add DirectX SDK into Visual Studio 2012 (1,2)
Hey, I've installed the DirectX SDK and it's all in there under C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Di...
[23 replies] Last: I had a simular issue to this when I tried to get DX running on VS2012... (by BornAfterTV)
can someone explain something to me please help quickly
ok i am needing to build a program that searches a clients.dat folder and pulls up a a last name, fi...
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by lmsmi1
GLUT - Moving Camera with Mouse (No Click & Hold)
I've tried Lighthouse3D's tutorial, and it compiles fine. However I would like to Keep the mouse in ...
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help with adding in a sort or search option
hey guys im not sure how to do a search option that will sort these into male, female, or child, the...
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by dp1
Windows Messages
Hello everybody, I was searching over the internet for the most important Windows messages to pro...
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