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Can't access printer Borland C++ 5
I've recently moved from windows XP 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit. I can't access any printer in the ID...
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by IOS
what is the difference between <iostream> and <iostream.h> also this ~~char ~~float ...
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OCILIB - crash using the library
hi, first of all, i do not know if it is the place for this topic. Any problem, please! contact me...
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dynamic assignment operator problems vs2012
hi there, I'm wondering if someone could shed some light on this issue I'm having. I upgraded to ...
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by afxgs
delay for recv
I am a java programmer and new to Windows socket programming. I am sending a request to server ...
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by dismas
Recommended COM books?
Hi, I would like to get started with Windows development but don't know anything about COM. Are ther...
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by amgt10
VB.NET dying suggests Bob Tabor
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Command line issue: 'a was unexpected at this time'
Hello everyone, I hope I'm at the right place to ask this question. When trying to run a .bat file i...
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Need Help in c++ app
Hello Everyone, Guys I need an application that do this : I'll gave it a bunch of words EX: (M...
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How can the memory allocation affect the windowcreate function?
// Main.cpp #include <windows.h> #include <tchar.h> #include "Main.h" long fnWndProc_OnCr...
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Picture Control changed visibility after changed focus
Here I am working on MFC dialogue based application,in which there are multiple child dialogues adde...
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FTP Upload w/ WinSock
Hello all. I'm trying to upload a file to my FTP server using WinSock. Here's my code for downloadin...
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Me-thinks: Windows...
I think that microsoft should redesign or augment MFC, WINAPI, etc. Because it is the most Ad hoc ey...
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The use of "->"
i am trying port the cpu matrix multiplication to gpu,below is a part of cpu mmul MMUL(K1, tmp1,t...
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Events systems
Hey, you all know of the windows events and the message loops etc. Is there any where that provides...
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hello, how do I specify how many dimensions to use in my vector? How do I not make it 4... http://ms...
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highlight array of text in textbox
Basically what i am wondering is in win32 api textbox, how can have it so it highlights certain word...
[1 reply] : What do you mean by a "win32 api textbox"? The Win32 API has the edit... (by andywestken)
by aggsyb
Using a control for SendInput on a custom form ? (will pay)
Ok this is so beyond frustrating that I will even be willing to pay someone to help me via skype.......
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by aj3423
InitCommonControlsEx is not necessary in win7?
Hi, I'm using win7 32bit + vs 2012 , I found InitCommonControlsEx is not necessary when using co...
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Clear variable value
Hi, I am developing a POS terminal application. In my case I am using NFC to communicate with NFC...
[1 reply] : Hi, I solved it. I developed a separate function to call to sendAPDU... (by dushantha12)
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