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by ashesh
Winpcap in multi threaded program
Hi, At machine_1, I'm capturing filtered packets with destination address as machine_1. I'm al...
[3 replies] Last: @kbw As he said he is using Multi-Threaded that means that pcap shou... (by SpaceWorm)
by CroCo
Keyboard Event?
Hello all, I want to control a slave robot by using a master robot over the Internet in C++. Eve...
[5 replies] Last: I think you like to argue, I don't and just drop it. Any suggestions ... (by CroCo)
How to create an unclosable form?
I want to create a form that can't be closed. Obviously disabling the Control Box isn't going to be ...
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by etrinh
Is there a way to allocate memory to a file?
Hi, Is there a way to allocate memory to a file instead of physical memory? I mean, I want to wr...
[4 replies] Last: Just a thought why allocate space cant you allocate space in memory th... (by SpaceWorm)
API: Trying to Install Libraries... (1,2,3)
Ive tried and tried and tried..... Well, I have a new idea. Are there any C++ (C++, not C++/CL...
[52 replies] Last: All folders are relative to C:\\ but I it figured out painfully that i... (by DeXecipher)
SendInput() is turning off the screen?
when this code runs it will turn off my screen, like when I'm afk for a while, what can cause this e...
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by herold
How to destribute C program to client ?
Hey everyone ....This is my first real world program.I am confused (Actually i don't know ) how to d...
[3 replies] Last: It usually depends on how compiler is configured or whether you used s... (by modoran)
Visual Studio behaving Weirdly?
Hi, Currently I am using Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate. I a am working on a massive project right n...
[7 replies] Last: Yes, on a different computer I tried this, it works great. With the ex... (by SpaceWorm)
How to detect that file\folder is being accessed or not?
For example if anyone just visited(and not making any changes) E:\Documents how can i detect that ? ...
[5 replies] Last: Well, I don't know of one. If no one else responds here, and Google ... (by andywestken)
IE Injection Failure
Hi, Currently I am building a, Global Injection unit into a project I am working on and the Globa...
[1 reply] : UPDATE: I made a schoolboys error but, not checking the error and... (by SpaceWorm)
Boost: those darn exceptions...
for(recursive_directory_iterator end, dir(p); dir != end; ++dir) { subs.push_back(dir->path().s...
[11 replies] Last: no, because I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS IN THAT FUNCTION. If I did... (by cire)
by bmw
Windows screenshot bitmap size
Ok, I am looking at this article on screenshotting:
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by kmb828
is any plugin need to beadded for using multithreading?
Hi, I was new to threading concepts. Can I know is any plugin needed to be add for using threads? ...
[6 replies] Last: No problem,andy if you do have solution please tell me about it. (by SpaceWorm)
by gal066
Help !
hi, I have to play ADPCM. I need to config my sound card for that. All my tries was failed: ...
[3 replies] Last: The meaning is that i have to decompress the file myself ?! (Assumin... (by andywestken)
by xnajin
Check HTML code for malware before rendering
Hello friends, I'm having an idea of making a small program to check HTML code of web browsers (I...
[18 replies] Last: Hi, I do not have Face book. Feel free to Private Message me regardin... (by SpaceWorm)
Program hanging up on button click
Hello everyone, I'm trying to build a simple dialog app wherein, when a user clicks a button, the...
[5 replies] Last: But your code won't compile as C due to the placement of some of your... (by modoran)
Why MFC and Why Qt?
Hi! Please include about getting a job. thanks.
[6 replies] Last: I do understand, this question has been answered but why are some of t... (by SpaceWorm)
Question about merging " Adding " another exists .exe with Project GUI C++
Hello Everyone; This is my first topic :: i'll be glad to share my experince with all of you in addi...
[3 replies] Last: @Andy :: Thanks For your help; yes i know to make more than one functi... (by Zaki Al Qudah)
COM object references
My book mentions something about COM object references being naked? What does that mean? It contains...
[2 replies] Last: Oh ok thanks (by Anmol444)
Can I create shortcut in C++
I can't debug this code on DEV-C . Who can solve this problem ? .please help me ! #include <windo...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for formatting your code. It does look like it should be more ... (by andywestken)
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