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by cacti
Game Loops involving kbhit() and getch()
hey folks, I am trying to get a key input to repeat itself in my game loop and I cant seem to fig...
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recursive blob counter
I've been working on this program that is supposed to count the number of blobs in a text file using...
[1 reply] : I'm working on the same problem right now. My recursive function looks... (by ZWB4RR)
by dancks
array returned by function causing malloc error?
I read a thread on here, I don't remember which but that you can pass an array from a function, in r...
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by dancks
segfault on array?
OK so I'll get right to it: unsigned long* collisionhandler::checkpellethit(int good, int *n) ...
[4 replies] Last: ok yeah I introduced another variable to use instead of *n. Thanks ne5... (by dancks)
Uses of C++
First of all, hello, this is my first post at these forums. I am learning the C++ syntax and its ...
[2 replies] Last: How many uses are there for C++? Limited only by your skill and ima... (by AbstractionAnon)
problems with initialization of class variables
This is embarrassing, but I'm having repeated problems with un-initialized variables! In the old ...
[6 replies] Last: OH My!!!! Thank you, Athar! That (-Weffc++)works perfectly!! I ag... (by Gorlash)
by h4344
Why does this char array do this?
Ok so ive never read any tutorials or info on this topic so it was just something i was trying out b...
[2 replies] Last: * Face palm* my bad i should have easily realized why the input and ou... (by h4344)
i need help with while loop
Ok so I need to create a string data while loop that just repeats what you type.But I need it to onl...
[2 replies] Last: int N=0; while(N<8){ N++; // do stuff here } here... (by Silvestar)
generate -,+ and * randomly
Hi i would like to generate -,+ and * as char randomly. Please can some1 advice me?
[4 replies] Last: The common technique is called a 'look-up table', or LUT for short: ... (by Disch)
by Hit
differences between: const int ROWS = 17; const int COLS = 17 and enum { ROWS = 17, COLS ...
[1 reply] : const int ROWS = 17; const int COLS = 17; This is good: you have two... (by Cubbi)
Should I have more knowledge at this point?
I've just finished chapter 2 in the book "Beginning C++ Through game programming Third Edition" Chap...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks, guys. I really appreciate all this advise, and I now feel a mo... (by DJLad16)
for loop help plz
How can i get a for loop to display a character, say "~", a certain number of times? thats all it ne...
[16 replies] Last: Well I am in a beginner class and we HAVE been putting namespace at t... (by Moschops)
Help me understand whats wrong
I have the following code using namespace std; #include <vector> #include <functional> #incl...
[4 replies] Last: Ahhh, tnx alot ne555 (by joggilil)
for loop inside for loop
Hello everyone! I am a beginner in C + + and I have a question about for loops . I understand the ...
[16 replies] Last: Now it's ok. Thanks people! :) (by Shifter12345)
Some allegro commands not responding.
The problem is very simple. The command ALLEGRO_EVENT_KEY_UP is not working, though ALLEGRO_EVENT_KE...
[3 replies] Last: Oh now i see what i did.... thank you so much! I didnt realize it was ... (by flamesscarlet)
string compare
how to compare to char strings in c++ can i use strcmp()????
[2 replies] Last: It would be better to use actual C++ strings, rather than C-style arra... (by Moschops)
by SGM3
Adventure book
I would like to write a "Random" adventure book, with a little user input. I will have to pass data...
[1 reply] : I would say store your stories on separate text files or in a differen... (by Need4Sleep)
operation in C++. Please, help me :)
Can you please help me with this question. Please give me a brief explaination. thank you so muc...
[1 reply] : = is assignment, it puts the value into a variable == is comparison, ... (by TheIdeasMan)
by ToniAz
How good is qsort() in stlib.h
Hello everyone! I'm writing a median function that would most probably be called no less than 500,0...
[5 replies] Last: Maybe your library functions implement efficient data structures inter... (by TheIdeasMan)
by kalkas
Quick question about gcnew
Hi, I'm writing a windows form application in which a have a listBox Object. In first it's empt...
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