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write two integers adjacently
Hey if i had integers of 1 and 6 how could i write them as 16?
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by smrt
Bad ptr error and dynamic memory allocation.
I thought I understood pointers. I really did. My code so far is designed to read a text file in...
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Graphics in C++
Hi, I am using Dev C++ and noticed there is Open GL available for graphics as well as on windows ...
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How can I define what I want to read from the file?
So how can I define what I want to get from a file? I was hoping for something like: #include...
[1 reply] : What is ctr? And won't 1!=2 always be true? Also, cin is itself a str... (by dawtsf1187)
Storing Fractions in an Array
I am currently working on an assignment using classes with fractions. I am almost finished but the l...
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Character Pointer
I'm not a complete beginner, but this question is trivial so it seemed appropriate to have it here. ...
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by DanF22
hi guys in my class we are getting to other functions besides int main. how can i create an 1) input...
[1 reply] : In user define functions there must be a returning value if return dat... (by shahbazsaleem)
palindrome function won't run properly
I have a function that i've got to write as part of a program. The function is designed to check and...
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No match for operator in 'std::cin <<input1' Won't compile.
Help guys, got this due in a couple hours and it is driving me nuts. I can't figure out the problem....
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Intro/ Program freezes during function call
Hello, i'm just getting started into C++ programming and during the course of learning have repea...
[3 replies] Last: Next time this happens, run your code using a debugger and interrupt i... (by Moschops)
Code Validation Problems
Hey everyone, I'm working on a homework problem for my computer science class, and I'm running in...
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what does 'undefined reference to class::class(int)' mean (where class is the class name))'
this is the error im getting but the question ive asked to work out the problem is on another thread...
[1 reply] : It means that class 'class' has no the definition of the constructor c... (by vlad from moscow)
Help on program regarding uppercase/lowercase
Hello, I'm working on a program that is supposed to: Convert uppercase characters to lowercase, and...
[1 reply] : Note: I realize I included <string> in my program. I don't think I nee... (by BloodMoney)
by KDF
new to C++.. a lot of errors on programs
I am 100% new to C++. taking it for a class in college, and we were given some homework assignments ...
[4 replies] Last: yes it was an older book, and the .h always confused me but now i was ... (by KDF)
Histogram, almost done!
For this project I basically allowed the user to input how many times they wanted to roll two dice, ...
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Simple equation help
I am putting this post in the beginners section, because this is basic algebra and I fell stupid for...
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General C++ Programming
Sometimes when I look through my book, that I use to help me, I get a bit annoyed that some things t...
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Function findMax and findMin
How can one create an array of two functions which accepts integer array along with its size as two ...
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Application NOT run outside C++ Project Folder
Hello All, First I would like to mention here that I'm really beginner into C++. My goal was to bu...
[1 reply] : This is a C++ forum, you are using C++/CLI (a completely different lan... (by LB)
The below given code has a runtime error. 1: To overload the function i change the data-type of par...
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