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error: expected ';' before 'Gname'
I keep on getting this error: expected ';' before 'Gname'| but before int main() #include "m...
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Question on using structs and functions
I have been working on a project for a programming class. The problem is as follows: "Write a pr...
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Question regarding system-wide Hotkeys and disabling keydown autorepeat
Hello, I'm trying to write a program which will use hotkeys to capture user key events and turn t...
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Any more errors in this code?
I noticed that yes that important thing is parameters which matters in overloading.. btw these two ...
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array declare must have const value
I'm trying to create an bool array that is the size of a variable. When Using the code below i get t...
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Data Analysis Program help
Hello, I need to write a program that can calculate the rate at which humans get infected with Lyme ...
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by hilft
calculation problems, can't get the right output
I don't know why i=2 in the code below. Can someone explain how it became like that? #inclu...
[1 reply] : line 4: val is specified as passed by reference. When you modify val... (by AbstractionAnon)
HELP! Placing an extra copy of the 4th digit.
Hi, my goal is to write a function called doubleFour that places an extra copy of the 4th digit righ...
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Struct not declared problem
The program debugger says that 'student' was no declared in this scope. The coding program i use is...
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Fibonacci recursion
Hey. Please explain how this recursion works. int fib(int n) { if (n <= 0) // Base ...
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Project out of date
So every time I try to compile I get project out of date now i have turned off precompiled headers a...
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plz find the problem in code
plz solve the problem : Generate the first prime number larger than a given natural number 'number...
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&& and || works different
when i put "||" program end when x and y = 0, if i put "&&" program end when x or y is 0. can someo...
[5 replies] Last: and what we see ? "||" is or and "&&" is and but in my program "||" w... (by cire)
Console Crash
I'm writing a program for class and any help is appreciated. I'm not able to get anywhere because my...
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by txals
Hi there, Is it possible to serialize/deserialize an object of any class that contains an STL cont...
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by layanM
help :(
can anyone plz help me with this :/ i have to write a program that prompts the user to enter two po...
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Code Checker!. Can my code my improvedfurthermore.
Before, I start constructing a code for my main assignment. I would like to get an advice on my foll...
[14 replies] Last: Promt is a reference parameter, but you have it as cout..prompt. I d... (by cire)
by hilft
Class and function question quick help!
what is the different between using ->out() and sub.out() to call the function out()? Also, I would...
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by azad90
Invalid char conversion error
I'm having problem to run this code involving the following function, I was trying to do conversion ...
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A game (I have Dev C++)
How Do you make a game with arrow keys , please, i need help. 0 = The Player and # = The ...
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