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can anyone help me with reading txt file into a data structure?
it shows me a warning in this line: fscanf (myfile, "%d %s %s %s", clothes .quant, clothes .ty...
[1 reply] : you should use the c++ version of the filestream: (by Fransje)
Trying to display the prime numbers between 1 - 100
Hello, I'm a beginner at C++ and am having some difficulty attempting to create a program for my C++...
[2 replies] Last: I do not know how to make it more efficient, as in writing only one or... (by youngcoder13)
C++ Video: Maintain is-a Relation for Public Ineritance
A good programming practice requires us to maintain is-a relation between base class and derived cla...
[1 reply] : Im confused about this. I'm under the impression that overloaded func... (by pogrady)
bit fields
struct marks{ int p:3; int c:3; int m:2; }; void main(){ struct marks s={2,-6,5}; printf("%d ...
[15 replies] Last: Other than the fact that I showed going from an 8-bit signed int to a ... (by doug4)
Program doesn't work as expected
My task is to create a program which inputs a positive real number and returns the hundredths digit ...
[2 replies] Last: I think it's the inherent properties of floating-point values which ar... (by Chervil)
Help with table.
Hello, I cannot seem to get my 2 to 12 times table project to align from the 10s down. Tried adding ...
[1 reply] : Try changing this: cout<<i<<setw(5); to this: cout<<setw(... (by Chervil)
by skarla
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int i; cout<<"How many places:";...
[3 replies] Last: Also I would like to append that this code (the if statement) if(p==... (by vlad from moscow)
How do I go about making a ordered linked list using classes?
Hello friends :D! I need to make a singly linked list that puts items in order based on their 'posit...
[1 reply] : Create two new nodes, 'cur' and 'prev' and assign cur to the head of t... (by TheJJJunk)
Recieve & Send Functions
Hi all, I have a function below "readIn" that reads the data it recieves from an external source ...
[1 reply] : Putting them in a string and returning it? Extra work right? (by Aceix)
Problem with editing in Visual Studio Express 2012
Hey there, say my program looks like this #include "std_lib_facilities.h" int main() { co...
[2 replies] Last: Awesome, man. Thanks a lot. Appreciated. (by kintaro26)
int n=12; cout<< n++<<endl;//12 cout<< ++n<<endl;//14 cout<< n+++1<<endl;//15 cout<< ++n+1<<endl...
[3 replies] Last: n++ n increments after instruction was made ++n n increments befor... (by gtkano)
Having an error message
I just downloaded Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 but when I tried it out and pressed (Ctrl + F5) or st...
[2 replies] Last: I had the same problem. I followed these steps.(im using 2010 express)... (by vichu8888)
by grs
C++ code doubt
Why line B is getting executed before line A in following cpp program ? As after running,the li...
[8 replies] Last: Yes i have tried fflush(stdin); Was that a simple typo? I was referr... (by Chervil)
what is the output
int n=2; switch (n) { case 1 : n=n+1; break; case 2 : n = n+1; case 4 : n...
[1 reply] : It seems each case is missing a certain keyword. Wazzak ... (by closed account zb0S216C)
making a console game and having a trouble with key input
i have made a simple ping pong game and i would like to make the panel to move when the key was pres...
[3 replies] Last: Great! (by X0rify)
I attempted the program and posted the questions again. there is no need to be sarcastic its my firs...
[1 reply] : (by Stewbond)
by lyn18
cout problem
this is my program. #include <iostream> #include <conio.h> using namespace std; int main()...
[4 replies] Last: Yes try that. (by Ch1156)
Static Const Members of a Cpp File
First let me apologize for the title; I've looked up my problem and I think the reason I couldn't fi...
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for(;0;) --> HELP!!
Hi, i am Paras, class XI. I just started learning c++. Yesterday, i was using c++ and found that my...
[9 replies] Last: int a; for(a=0;a<10;a++) ; //null statement is exactl... (by TheIdeasMan)
Infinitely looping a certain piece of my program
Hi I am trying to write a program that requires a repeat to infinity. However I am not sure how to d...
[1 reply] : while (true){ when you use this syntax, you need to include a break;... (by pogrady)
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