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by beakie
Point closest to point along line
Why doesn't this function return what I expect? I put in: lineFrom = (0, 20, 0) lineTo = (0, 120, 0...
[6 replies] Last: these are just standards... standards i dont conform to. dont people ... (by TheIdeasMan)
Self taught and humbly seeking direction
Hi all, (hmm, I wonder how many people post on here with the desire to become a games programmer). ...
[9 replies] Last: Guess it's just the attention seeking producers and winging customer... (by Moschops)
what is the meaning of this error message?
invalid operands of types 'double' and 'double ' to binary 'operator+'
[1 reply] : It means you tried to add an object of type double to an object of t... (by Moschops)
Copy C String from Char Array to Another Char Array
Hello, Let's say I have an array of char named arrayAlpha and it contains a C string. How may I c...
[2 replies] Last: Use standard function std::strcpy from header <cstring>. For example ... (by vlad from moscow)
Function object class for less-than inequality comparison
Hello forum, I have the following structure struct LuminaireProbability { /...
[3 replies] Last: It iis simple to do with using lambda expressions. std::sort( mLigh... (by vlad from moscow)
by zev
create and edit file c++
On the site , how do I create a file and then call it back to edit it?
[1 reply] : As far as I can see there are no options for this. Try - if... (by closed account o3hC5Di1)
is there a way to make array as a float?
I'm making a credit card billing statement so i kinda need to use an array to save multiple variable...
[7 replies] Last: hey how bout that...your right i didn't even notice that.. thanks a lo... (by maculhet)
by Tebzee
serial numbers and databases
Hi guys. i need to write C++ program that detects duplicate serial numbers when entered in an existi...
[2 replies] Last: What kind of database is it? Can't you just make the field unique? (by MrHutch)
Beginner ---- My first program (all by myself).
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main () { int x, y, choice; char exit; ...
[8 replies] Last: The stream object 'cin' can accept input for multiple variables. That'... (by DesiredNote)
by scopez
physics gone wrong
ok in this code im not understanding where to place where the water should = false to stop the water...
[4 replies] Last: ahhh yah i noticed that but focused on fixin that water function ;) (by soranz)
Skip non-integers from text file !!!
I have a programming assignment which reads integers from a text file and skips non-integers (in fir...
[5 replies] Last: So now u have to keep good rows AND good columns ? U'll be better off ... (by soranz)
Reading a record from a CSV file
I have got a CSV data file which has lots of records. I have to read each of these records by C++ an...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you guys. (by Matt01000101)
by steev
why this output ???
int a ={5}; cout<<a <<" "<<++a <<endl; the output is 1 1 why :(...
[5 replies] Last: > @JLBorges would... (by JLBorges)
I'm using Dev-C++ on Windows. I'm trying to "Write a program that prompts the user to input an integ...
[2 replies] Last: Wow that was so simple. Thank you! (by rock4rigo)
function and readdata()
[9 replies] Last: senior. help (by BasicNewbie)
switch and if statement
Hi, I have an error in my code which I cannot find; It prints out numbers 1-9 and 20-99.BUT it does...
[3 replies] Last: why i am getting correct output for 1-9 Yourcode contains no logic ... (by AbstractionAnon)
#ifndef ISTACK_H #define ISTACK_H #include<iostream> using namespace std; template<typename...
[6 replies] Last: Now working fine for those who may have similiar problem #ifndef ... (by jimobama)
A program that can read words (not number)
Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and also new to the world of C++. Allthough I some knowledge abou...
[9 replies] Last: Open a cpp file or create one, when making a file or project you need ... (by samrux)
Finding B-th bit
I have a task to solve: I must enter a positive integer N and 0 < B < 31 and print the B-th bit...
[1 reply] : The result is N >> B & 1 Only B shall be in the range 0 <= B <= 31... (by vlad from moscow)
Loop not "looping" and if always true etc.
I'm trying to create a simple while() -loop and keep it running as long as the user does not enter...
[10 replies] Last: @Krusing Just one question remains... How do I return to the main fu... (by vlad from moscow)
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