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Weird Error Why it shows me this error for a every code ? I am us...
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by cOde5
Questions about Function,Variable & Exception Handling
Hello, I'm new to C++ & new to this forum. I've these questions for now :) ## Function: v...
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does recursion in fabonacci series take place like this?? formula used : fb(n)=fb(n-1)+fb(n-2) ...
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I am c++ beginner though i have done some windows and console applications but want to start how t...
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Build error
Hey C++ programmers i am currently using dev c++ and when i make an simple project like hello world ...
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Using strcpy and strncat functions
Trying to use this function to copy and append strings but not sure how it is supposed to be used ...
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Esoteric Language Interpreter
What could I improve upon? I'm trying to make this as efficient as possible. FYI: This is an esote...
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by ghking
hello ,evryone ,why I cann't define a function in main()?
evrytime,when I define the a function in the main() ,the compile will note: a function definition is...
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Problem Creating Vector of Objects
Am trying to create a vector of objects, called Person that consists of a name and an age. Both the ...
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by modic
What should I do next after "Hello World"?
I have recently mastered the art of "Hello World", but what do I do next!?
[6 replies] Last: I would recommend declaring variables and using them. (by closed account N36fSL3A)
Windows Socket Programming
Hello, I am still debating if this should go in the Windows Fourm or here but anyway here I go. I wa...
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implement stack in C using array
is it necessary to use structure to implement stack in C using array? what if i just do it normally ...
[3 replies] Last: Of course it is not necessary to use a structure. But using a structur... (by vlad from moscow)
bool array
Is it possible to have an array of bools? like this: bool array ;
[4 replies] Last: Also I would like to append that you may not declare only arrays of vo... (by vlad from moscow)
by modic
How do you give a program a title?
You know how most programs have a title at the top? Well how would you do that?
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arrow-key getting.
I know that the syntax in my title is terrible, but I was looking here (
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Comparing marbles using Enums and Class
This is what i have so far, i need to compare two marbles in the main of another cpp file called mar...
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how long does it take to be decent at C++ (1,2)
I know this question is posted ALOT, but i am 14 years old and right now i have alot of free time so...
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I am designing an app on x-code. The idea is that it will offer a daily piece of advice on an i pho...
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What is the difference between delete and delete[] ?
Hi everybody, Please tell me the difference between delete and delete . I have the following snip of...
[3 replies] Last: Well, at least in the case of VC++, there will be no memory leaked by ... (by andywestken)
How to delete a string data type?
So I allocate new memory for a char, int, and string variable, initialize each one, and output each...
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