Jokes for Coders!

Hey fellow coders! I love jokes, memes, and comics! So I know there has to be some jokes for programming or coding! So I am asking for you to post your favorite (meme, joke, comic, ect...). Be creative, Post links to your favorite pictures, or just copy and past from a different site! I just want to hear them.
(all types of programming is welcome.)

Here are some from me.

I don't see women as objects I see them in a class of her own.

["hip","hip"] (hip hip array!)

//life motto

if(sad == true)
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This is, what, the third thread of this?
Any new jokes??

Bonus points for jokes based on C++11 or newer features!


PS It's not the third thread!

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Range-based for loop. Now you can use C++ for all those repetitive cooking tasks.

Its still cool!
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