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by lmsmi1
Balloons Near System Tray via Console
I've posted this in the Win32 section since I'm talking about Windows system trays. In a C++ cons...
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Projectile motion - simulation w/ wind velocity
Hi First time posting so sorry if i miss some things. i'm making a project for my A2 computing proj...
[1 reply] : hey im doing same project maybe we can help each other email me please... (by batousik)
WinSock server is not receiving 2nd message...
Here is the source for the server main.cpp #include "First.h" using namespace std; //Glob...
[2 replies] Last: Line 90 in your server should be outside your for loop. Your "server" ... (by Computergeek01)
by ulxlx
Winsock program hangs when using accept().
Hey all, I'm trying to make a multiplayer game, and I'm currently having issues where my program sto...
[1 reply] : accept() blocks until a client connects. Your program's not hung, it'... (by kbw)
This may not be the right place to ask about C11 because this is a C++ forum so sorry in advanced if...
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commnunicate with cmd.exe with no window.
How to communicate with cmd.exe which is created using ShellExecute() function.
[2 replies] Last: Thanks that is helpful information. (by time to c)
Easiest GUI Library for C++?
I am making a Library Management System, it's an assignment, by university. I wish to add a GUI to i...
[2 replies] Last: The simplest out there is probably FLTK. But that does not mean it is... (by evanc9606)
Mouse position inside a window
I need help with a program I need to make. Basically, it is a tic-tac-toe program that you could pl...
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Having trouble moving my square to the left.
Having trouble getting my square to move to the left my code and instructions of what i am suppose t...
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by kevinn
problem with libraries
I'm trying to use this library : "#include <sys/socket.h> #include <sys/un.h>" but appears ...
[2 replies] Last: Another library that this error is with the "# include <sys/un.h>" whi... (by kevinn)
Text editor
Can anyone give me a hint(or link to tutorial) how to change color of text inside "edit" control? I'...
[4 replies] Last: (1) Create a new dialog-based (yourself) mfc program Add an edit con... (by XQwindow)
by zyhsu1
get value from comboBox item
Dear Sir: I am new to window c++ form application, I want to make a comboBox for user to add str...
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by lmsmi1
WinAPI - Basic Window Icon?
I seem to keep getting an error: 66|: error: 'IDI_WINDOWICON' was not declared in this scope| ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, I solved it. All I had to do was use quotes to show the ID of ... (by lmsmi1)
by berkov
Getting date to SYSTEMTIME from DATETIMEPICK_CLASS control
Hey ho! It's been more than a week since i got stuck with one small stupid thing and i cannot mov...
[2 replies] Last: Works perfectly! thanks a lot. i guess i need to spend some more ti... (by berkov)
Toolbar in Client area or in Nonclient area of screen?
please reply,if Toolbar in nonclient area means it should respond for WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN??Please help ...
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Image from Bitmap GDI+
Hello, I do some changes in the pixel's color using a Gdiplus::Bitmap. I then need to draw it but h...
[3 replies] Last: try this image converter: (by johndoee)
by murman
How to convert tiff to bmp using c++
Hi, Can you please me to convert tiff image to BMP image format. If you share any sample code ...
[2 replies] Last: Here is an example for converting single-page TIFF files to bmp format... (by johndoee)
Where does learning programming in this way put me?
Hello, I'm 19 years old and am trying to figure out what technical field I want to go in to. So far...
[7 replies] Last: @XQwindow: Damn, I got you wrong. I missed the "they" in your first po... (by plexus)
jpg in resource to byte array
Hi, Does anyone know how to get an array of bytes from a jpeg-image from resource without the use...
[3 replies] Last: You think this will do the trick: bool LoadImageFromResource( CImage... (by DanielMOFO)
how can a computer run a program from another computer?
I want to be able to run a program that assigns and edits users rights of a program. Its called the ...
[5 replies] Last: i can't change any of the code in UAM program. You have to. Right n... (by Computergeek01)
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