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MySql C++ Help
I created a registration form and when i test if my mysql insert query is successful nothing happens...
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Strange Error
Hi. I am very new to programming and especially new to Visual Studios (2008). I am creating my first...
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Mouse tracking & findout current window
Hi, How to change Keyboard & Mouse Focus from one window to other?In my application From one child ...
[2 replies] Last: using win32 api,Actually i am having a child window with toolbar,In th... (by manjut19)
Combo Box
Hi, Please reply for this mail.I am having a combo box its parent is toolbar.But i want to access ...
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by exus
Program Closes when it isn't supposed to
I am making a simple text RPG in C++, and it closes as soon as it starts a battle with something. It...
[2 replies] Last: printf("Enemy HP: %s%i%sYour HP: %s%i/%i\n\t", ehp, "\t\t",... (by cire)
by ajitm
'class std::__non_rtti_object': Access violation - no RTTI data
Hello Friends, can anybody know how to resolve above error. This is type casting error. Thanks...
[1 reply] : project settings Click on C/C++ tab select the category drop down. in ... (by Sanjay Shrivastava)
by lmsmi1
GUI Builder?
Besides the GUI builder in MSVC++, is there any other GUI builder that produces coordinates for cont...
[1 reply] : Try ResEdit, a free resource editor. (by modoran)
Reading INI with C++ Code help
Hi everyone, I was hoping that someone can help me with my code. I have been reviewing GetPrivate...
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Trying to hide alpha channels
Hi, so basically I'm trying to make a BattleShips GUI for my computing science project (I've done al...
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Simple GUI with OpenGL, Tutorial needed.
Hi, I am making a project Library Management System, for University, I need to make a simple interf...
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char characters
Hello! I was wondering if anyone had a list of ALL char characters?
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how to change the text drawn by drawtext()?
#include <windows.h> HINSTANCE hEdit1; HWND Edit1; HINSTANCE hButton1; HWND Button1; char *str = ...
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by zyhsu1
list and sublist
Dear sir: I am using visual express, if I want to make a list on screen, if user select a item o...
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by Ryuuji
DeviceIOControl weird problem
Hi guys! Can you help me please. I have a program that is running in 64bit but the ide i am usin...
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Program to take input from CSV file and output to HTML text <input> box.
Hi! I'm trying to find an elegant language/option/solution to write a program where I can take an...
[1 reply] : Is there something like a JavaScript->C++ or JavaScript->Java or PHP->... (by CCurvin)
by danyx
help my code not working
I hv code C++ but not working my code #include<iostream.h> #include<graphics.h> void grs...
[3 replies] Last: kbhit and putpixel about graphics.h but I dont know to combine 3 funct... (by danyx)
I just started using Code::Blocks. It's great! Does anyone else use it?
[11 replies] Last: ^ lol :)) i use C:B :) btw nice discussion (by krofz)
GetKeyNameText 16 bit shift? How to not use case-switch structure with vkeycodes?
Hello guys. Latest implementation of keylogger is being implemented. I do not want to implement a h...
[3 replies] Last: Hmm thanks. This is not for malicious purposes. It is only for educati... (by katokato)
by Foxar
WinAPI moving bitmap problem.
Hello, im trying to make a simple sprite of a cop (badly drawn in paint) to move around, and as it's...
[8 replies] Last: Thank you, i will check SFML out, i already tried it but couldn't get ... (by Foxar)
Options of copying a locked file.
i need to create a program which creates a copy of file locked by another process. i searched some ...
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