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by mirec
win api
hi guys i read a lot about mfc that it is messy and i should not learn to work in mfc that qt is bet...
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by Hotice
Pasting data to clipboard
I am working on a C++ program that allows you to paste URLs into YouTube comments/posts on forums wh...
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WM_KEYDOWN or GetKeyState(...) for character control
Let say I have a windows game where the user moves a player with WASD... Would I place a switch case...
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by lmsmi1
Winsock - Trading Virtual "Items" From Computer To Computer
I would like to make a program that allows the user to connect to an IP and trade virtual "items" wi...
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MFC programming at Visual Studio 2005
Hi! I want to know if I can create MFC based applications with Visual Studio 2005 Pro Edition. I as...
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Question regarding PeekMessage()
Hello all, I was reading through some code accompanying a book recently and came upon a use of Peek...
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game sound suport
Hi I need to use a header file using sound for my game without using windows media player.does anybo...
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Visual C++ Email Message Setup
Hi, I'm currently trying to make an application in Visual C++ 2010 that will include the ability to ...
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Password Spammer
Hey I had this pretend password spammer program (which just outputted a cycle of many combinations) ...
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How To Start Another Executable.
I have some code here that is supposed to open cmd: #include <iostream> #include <windows.h> int ...
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how block traffic from certain Mac address
i have a problem in c++. i want o create a code to block received IP traffic based of the source m...
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I have no idea on how to explain this or what it is called (Resizing position)
Again I have no idea how to really explain this or now what its called but here it goes. I'm usin...
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Send Message to Other Program
Hi guys. I am the new. I want to make a program that changes the game score. I know address of game...
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I need people to aid me in my game!!!!
Hello everyone!!! I have idea of this 3D game an I was wondering if anyone out there would be willin...
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Cant create a new object to a window
I am a beginner in MFC programming and I am trying to learn basic elements when I go to override Ini...
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by snig
Trouble with char* concatenation using SDL
My problem is that there is a function I need to use from the SDL library. I have to pass a message ...
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Does the windows.h library offer and audio control, if not then what library(built into Dev Bloodshe...
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problem with vs2010
why I compile the default Helloworld program of Win32 API always get: Link error 4075 LINK : warnin...
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Why dose this not work?
Error message is: [Linker error] undefined reference to `PlaySoundA@12' ld returned 1 exit st...
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I was wondering.
Say I made a windows program, but I really needed to include SFML, openGl, OpenAl(etc), is this poss...
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