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WinPcap usage
How to creat console c++ application in VS and set it up for winpcap. I am beginner for it plz le...
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Free Compilers
I have used Code::Blocks. But as you cant use non-english characters like é,ö etc. Id like to chan...
[2 replies] Last: If your writing for the windows platform why not just download the exp... (by zoul007)
Invalid socket
I am writing a code to connect to a socket. But when I use the function MySocket = socket(AF_INET, ...
[1 reply] : What error does WSAGetLastError() return? The MSDN entry for the sock... (by andywestken)
How to disable button?
Hi! I wrote a program in the initialization time implementation: Butt = CreateWindow (" BUTTON "...
[2 replies] Last: If you have a valid handle to a button control then calling EnableWind... (by Texan40)
by m0v3
Hello everybody. So I have this program, which should show me a hello world statement and a trackbar...
[1 reply] : You'd probably get a better response posting this in the Windows forum... (by MrHutch)
by shaygo
force DCOM to authenticate as ANONYMOUS
Hi. I noticed that in domain the authentication in DCERPC protocol with DCOM object is with the use...
[1 reply] : If la service runs using the LOCAL SERVICE account, it won't have an i... (by webJose)
Dll issue while launching the application
I am using one dll in my application for including the functionality provided by that dll . This dll...
[7 replies] Last: Yes, this is correct. Usually 1st exe task could be done by your insta... (by modoran)
no createwindow 2nd time around
my listbox works over and over (clicking OK) until I add the menu. When I add the menu, I get a list...
[5 replies] Last: Why do you need to insert your own CRLF every time ? Original file doe... (by modoran)
by ortymd
Installing curl and libcurl with Makefile.m32
I try to install curl and libcurl. So far I downloaded the from
[5 replies] Last: Do you have libcurl.dll in C:\windows\system32 installed by another ap... (by modoran)
I am trying to write a program that alows the user to draw shapes wihin the window but I have very l...
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WriteFile with vector inside a vector
Hi, I've a vector <struct> with a vector in the struct consisting of TCHAR's. I would like to use t...
[1 reply] : I found the solution after some heavily searching. The passing to the ... (by Shatronics)
initializing a rectangle
I am trying to write a program that displays a rectangle that moves when the user tells it to the co...
[9 replies] Last: that works rather well, thank you (by jax666999)
Replace a view in splitter window
I would like to know a way to change the view of a particular pane in a splitter window. It shou...
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parallel port trouble
I want to make a realistic version of guitar hero, with my electronic drum kit. It uses a male paral...
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writing ints to the console screen?
How can i write integers to the console screen using winapi? i know how to use the WriteConsole or ...
[1 reply] : Yes, you have to convert the number to a string. If you Google/Bing "... (by webJose)
simple _itoa_s question
When using : _ito_s(...); can the length of buffer be, say 10, and the actual length of integer dat...
[3 replies] Last: kbw, You are certain that the larger buffer length parameter is okay ... (by josheir)
get keypress
Hi! I was trying to write a keylogger. I used the GetAsyncKeyState() function but it doesn't take t...
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by xordux
Hello , iam a absolute beginner to windows programming ... can u suggest me any good tutorial...
[6 replies] Last: I think i've learned c++ , iam just asking for windows programming tut... (by xordux)
call a function in a clr
Hello. i have a clr c++ project and a general c++ project. i use visual studio 2010. i need to call ...
[1 reply] : Post some code. (by bobdabilder)
Compiler Help
Hi I have learned c++ as well as c# and want make an even simpler version of c called C Simplice. I ...
[6 replies] Last: Hey i made a compiler of sorts, it compiles the main.sf file into a co... (by dude2333)
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