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My New WebSite
I have just put up a website online that I am hosting off of my computer... is...
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Bitmap editing
How can I open a bitmap image and edit the pixels in it using WinAPI? Thank you!
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How to use AddPort function.
I want to use AddPort function in my program. but i am not familiar with their parameters. How can I...
[1 reply] : The first thing you should do is visit MSDN, it contains most if not a... (by Zin Byte)
Setting Wallpaper
Hello! I'm creating a basic program to change my desktop wallpaper via a random seed and SystemParam...
[9 replies] Last: Nope! Though I will once I reinstall Dev-C++. It appears, accessing th... (by mezmiro)
How to select a row fully through program
I am doing a win32 application using List view control,I used extended style LVS_EX_GRIDLINES|LVS_E...
[2 replies] Last: i also need about this Topic... i have same Problem here.. (by Tonyeim)
Problème d'affichage de controles statics lors du redimensionnement de la fenêtre
Bonjour, j'ai créé une application dont la fenêtre principale contient pleins de controls static...
[2 replies] Last: J'ai trouvé la solution : au lieu de faire appel à affichage_items()... (by dvince38)
SFML LNK2019 problem visual studio 2010
is any one tried the SFML on visual studio 2010? I follow the tutorial and set up all the configur...
[6 replies] Last: I had to put a few of the .dll's in the same folder as the .exe to get... (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
ListView Full Row Select
I had created a List View using the CreateWindowEx API, I had defined the needed styles and extended...
[4 replies] Last: Read again documentation of CreateWindowEx(), you have a list of all a... (by modoran)
SFML Game For Class Help
hi guys Ive been learning sfml and now in class at school I have to make a game my classmates all...
[5 replies] Last: yes, i have the SFML library, and linked with your code but i recomme... (by heepoo)
xlsx to txt
Hello! I need to know how can I convert a xlsx file into a txt. If you know a kind of library or ...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you, andywestken! LB, I need to convert the file in program, be... (by alexglont)
by Simula
More Then One Instance Of Overloaded Function XMMatrixTranspose
I googled it and a post told me to install the SDK for windows 7 instead of windows SDK 8. I did tha...
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WIN API, How to check if the user pressed a key
I have a problem detecing if the user clicked a key... I have a Edit Box : Edit = CreateWindow( ...
[6 replies] Last: Oops - I meant to swap the message... Thanks, Andy (by andywestken)
unresolved external symbol _WinMain@16 referenced in function ___tmainCRTStartup
I tried Visual Studios express 2012. What does this mean?: Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved externa...
[5 replies] Last: If you're tweaking the project settings manually, you should also edit... (by andywestken)
silverlight EventHandlerList could not be found
[no replies]
convert char * to LPWSTR
Tried on Visual studios Express 2012. I can't compile this code. It returns errors like: Warning 1...
[1 reply] : Please disable Unicode settings of your VS compiler or use wchar_t typ... (by modoran)
Drag files to listbox
i have a listbox that i would like to be able to drop files in LISTBOX SETTINGS_DIALOG_L...
[3 replies] Last: while it is not documented it seems indeed that WM_DROPFILES works o... (by coder777)
How to expect an exception in MSVS 2012 Unit Testing
After looking at a lot of unit test frameworks for C++ (expecially those that work well within MS Vi...
[1 reply] : I've never done any unit testing but maybe this will help http://msdn.... (by naraku9333)
Button question (WinAPI)
How do I make a button look like a normal Win7 button instead of the button that looks like WinXP bu...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks, that worked. (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
Link error
I have been googling this for a while now, but nothing I have found will work. I am getting this er...
[6 replies] Last: Well, actually I still have a problem :( I have put the path for the d... (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
Get source page of a site using Sockets
I've been trying to get the soruce page of a site using sockets, and found a code on the internet......
[8 replies] Last: Yeah my bad, haha Anywya, thanks a lot guys, I was able to create a g... (by AmitM9S6)
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