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time complexity of sorting algorithm
I am a novice C++ programmer. Can any body tell me which one is more efficient- Merge sort or quick...
[1 reply] : it's depend on what kind of data you wanted to sort.... In generally q... (by HiteshVaghani1)
Online Tutorial vs. Quality Book
We are having a debate on another forum and a member is telling me online tutorials are much better ...
[4 replies] Last: I think online tutorials are a great source of material to self teach.... (by blueberry)
by samrux
String library or char* string?
What is better/more efficient and in what cases? String from the library or a char string (char*)?
[5 replies] Last: If all you need is to reference a string literal, without manipulating... (by Cubbi)
Could you explain how this works..?
I somewhat have an idea how it works. But is it really that easy to 'accidently' overwrite memory li...
[8 replies] Last: Yeah. You can find out where the page starts by rounding down to the n... (by Athar)
trying to loop my entire program (while true)
Hey everyone, I'm trying to loop my entire program by encapsulating it in while true braces. A...
[5 replies] Last: yeah it works for me, I hope it doesn't work for me and only me lol. ... (by RastaWolf)
something wrong!!
void kbc::sce() // member function of class kbc { clrscr(); ifstream ifs("SCORE.TXT"); // a fi...
[8 replies] Last: Because you didn't read the input. It remains in the buffer. You need ... (by ne555)
by samrux
Kongregate Hacks
1.-Some illegal stuff going on here. Reported. 2.-A guy in his first post saying he made something (...
[no replies]
Problem with Visual C++
Hey all! This is probably a really basic problem, but it's one I'm having trouble resolving. I just ...
[2 replies] Last: I don't use Visual C++, so I can't really tell, but you probably have ... (by samrux)
resizing a string object
Hi - I'm constructing a string object by an initial assignment and a large number of concatenatio...
[4 replies] Last: I appreciate the feedback anyway; it's a good reminder. Apart from th... (by mzimmers)
by CppJim
The Very Evil Deck of Cards
Hello! I have been tasked with in my opinion a hard programming task. It is well, Challenging to me....
[2 replies] Last: xD Thank you very much! (by CppJim)
by samrux
Header files and C++ files
Some questions: 1.-What's the difference between a .h and a .cpp, when used for functions and clas...
[13 replies] Last: You should only include headers in files that need it. IE: if main... (by Disch)
by Madguy
Boolalpha question
I was practicing with string methods and I wanted empty() to return true or false instead of 1 and 0...
[4 replies] Last: Yeah you are right, thanks (by Madguy)
sorting of classes not working
Hi all. I have a class "ExampleSentences" with a private member std::string _simpHanzi; I hav...
[9 replies] Last: Did you added const to getSimpHanzi() in the declaration and definitio... (by R0mai)
by Ch1156
Polymorphism program questions (1,2)
Ok so i was watching this video on polymorphism and it was way better than the others, i kind of und...
[21 replies] Last: I also agree with naraku9333. You don't want to get ahead of yourself.... (by coderguru)
warning: adress of local variable '<variable>' returned
I am trying to pull from my .bashrc an environment variable CUSTPATH. I want to store the various di...
[1 reply] : The error is just what the warning says. You're returning a pointer to... (by Athar)
Question about class access functions
I'm trying to make a relatively simple game, and i'm working on how the inventory system will work. ...
[2 replies] Last: so i can embed setOverallCondition() to run at the end of addAbuse()? ... (by EindacorDS)
by guyu
C++ primer 5th. Bad book? examples inside
I am on pg 70. Already they have stopped giving source code and there is not answer key. Seems lik...
[3 replies] Last: Have a look here: (by closed account o3hC5Di1)
by Aceix
Aid needed
I want to know why the print function displays val1 and val2 wrongly Code: #include <iostream> ...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you all. It's working perfectly!!! (by Aceix)
Creating "map", problem with array in a class?
Okay, so I'm working on a school project. It's a text-based RPG, and I want to have a "map" that the...
[1 reply] : Hi there, Try doing the following: Map1.h: #ifndef MAP1_H #define ... (by closed account o3hC5Di1)
Undefined reference to error
Hello there! i haven't written any c++ code in 3 months, so I'm little rusty. but today I opened an ...
[3 replies] Last: Most welcome, glad I could help. Have a nice day, NwN (by closed account o3hC5Di1)
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