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Avoid prev/next pointers on a really big list?
I want a std::list<Node> with 10(at least) to 4000000000(at ambitious) elements. sizeof(Node)=24....
[2 replies] Last: Maybe a disc based random access db such as Berkeley DB http://en.wik... (by mik2718)
Knowing which exception to catch
I am not fully understanding exception handling. My situation is as follows. I am trying to take ...
[3 replies] Last: cannot figure out what kind of exception atof throws and how to stor... (by Cubbi)
2D platformer game
Hello, I'm still working on my 2D platformer game using SFML. I would like to ask, should I have a s...
[6 replies] Last: Ah, sorry. I was checking for collision only with the surrounding tile... (by Wisely Done)
by Aceix
I need some clarification please
This is giving me some kind of error I do not understand: //class templates & friend functions ...
[8 replies] Last: Friends are indeed not actual members of classes (although I'm not sur... (by closed account o3hC5Di1)
by ts4525
Question about arrays
I am reviewing some C++ code and ran across the following line of code: class->method(label, array...
[2 replies] Last: Hi there, Let's say integerValue has value 25. In that case what the ... (by closed account o3hC5Di1)
by xzbit
using class pls
hello, i have these two projects one is a class library and the other one is a WinForm.. i add the C...
[2 replies] Last: i already tried that first and got me an error,,i forgot to add ^ symb... (by xzbit)
loop question.
How can i loop the question whenever the user inputs an invalid answer. for example.. /* question...
[3 replies] Last: the easist way but the dangerouest way: goto sentance maybe worked,but... (by ghking)
by zkl
Data type and its size
Hi, Can someone explain to me this data type and size. double denominator, numerator, result; ...
[7 replies] Last: Thanks for the explanations :) (by zkl)
Questions of c++ codes being used
I saw this code on the net a while agao but i cant seems to understand why he uses structs combos an...
[4 replies] Last: Because that's what he decided to use when making the program. He cou... (by Anthony Hernandez)
Critique my code
Hey everyone, First off, I'm a superN00b programmer so this is not very advanced. I just finished ...
[4 replies] Last: So every time I want to use 'i' as a counter I should use a for loop? ... (by RastaWolf)
struct vs class
I am writing a sudoku-type game, and I want to have a random generator call a game from a list of sa...
[7 replies] Last: I'm guessing you can't use inheritance with structs, but I'm probably... (by Disch)
game help
hey, I posted earlier witha really bad code which I developed for an assignment. I am doing software...
[13 replies] Last: I just put the called functions above the main program instead of unde... (by Fallenfantasy182)
by Ch1156
Can i do this?
Ok so i am working on pointers and its going well but referencing stuff in the constructors can get ...
[5 replies] Last: for the player to enter their name getline(cin,; (by Ch1156)
by Aceix
How to display strings randomly...
Is there anyway I can display strings randomly in C++? eg: string a,b; a="Chicken tigh."; b="...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you all!!! (by Aceix)
Multiple function definition when using custom header files
Hello. I've recently been trying to take a giant mess of code that I'm working on and split it into ...
[9 replies] Last: Well, I wasn't exactly able to resolve the problem, but I was able to ... (by dawtsf1187)
Getting back into C++
I used to know more when i was younger but slacked off for certain reasons. Right now I'm trying ...
[2 replies] Last: Here are some links that will help you (by Maniax)
What is the meaning of //<start id="simple"> ... //<end id="simple">
I am a beginner. I'm seeing code like: // Simple doc //<start id="simple"> BSONO...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for the help! (by therefore)
c++ n00b woes
hello as a newbie to C++ I was wondering and I know this gets debated alot what the big war between ...
[8 replies] Last: its hard not to pick back at ppl who are generally think the sun shin... (by Dash)
by Zeph78
I have a question about the heap and constructor/destructors
Hey everyone, I have yet another question on allocated objects on the heap. Lets say I have an objec...
[6 replies] Last: No, you don't need to perform any deletes in the function. You're pas... (by MrHutch)
Getting Word Frequency From Vector
Hi, Hopefully you can help:) I am trying to figure out how I would be able to count how many time...
[8 replies] Last: I changed the code again and now got a little further I hope:) void ... (by sayswho)
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