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help with random generator at matrix
Hello, I created a class that has the private ** matrix, coordinates of rows and columns. I also cr...
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by ZeinH
Check for Updates?
Im About to Publish My First Visual 2012 Application.. But I Just Realized theres a Self Update.....
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by Varius
Relatively New Programmer
Hello everyone, I go by Varius and I'm a fairly new programmer. I started about a month ago and I'm ...
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Troubles implementing iterator as nested class in linked list
Hi all, I have a template class, LinkedList, that I want to develop an iterator for. I have defined...
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by Varius
Program Crash
I wrote a program to factor trinomials in the format "x^2 + bx + c" to "(x + a)(x + y) but it crashe...
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Am I able to be a c++ programmer by self-study?
Hi Dears, I am a student of B.A.Hon's in English. How can I be an expert and get all things related...
[1 reply] : Well, really It all depends on how much you like to learn. I suggest l... (by closed account ozUkoG1T)
how to create dll files with C++
HELLO ALL, Can some one tell me if it is possible to make a .dll file with c++. It should be writte...
[1 reply] : For gcc (by MiiNiPaa)
Need an algorithm
I need to figure out an algorithm for a program which does the following:- if you enter 3 digits ...
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how can order by asc salary in c++
How can I arrange Salaries Ascending The show salaries after tax To be applied with the struct anyo...
[8 replies] Last: ya i will try I will try to understand Thank you a lot (by Man silence)
how is c++ compiled?
How does it work?
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create histogram in two ranges
I have a gray scale image say size 40 x 130. And all pixels have value in range 0 t o 180. Now my ...
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comparing elements of an array from infile
Am having problem reading from an infile and comparing how many times an element appeared in a paral...
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update vector array
I have a vector of some numbers. Each number have its start and end point . say i have 5 points ...
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by khal
Using PriorityQueue
Hi I have a class with different variables like such class Blocks { public: string name...
[2 replies] Last: Ninja'd. Oh, well #include <iostream> #include <queue> #include <cti... (by Lowest0ne)
whats so bad about [-WReorder]?
This class gives me a warning: [-WReorder]. Its the order of the initialize list: class foo { ...
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C++ Finding Average Of User Inputs Help
I need help finding the average of user inputs BUT, The user does not need to know how many numbers ...
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My program runs infinitely for Mortgage Calculator
I'm using VS to create a Mortgage Calculator. I want the code to stop executing once the loan balanc...
[7 replies] Last: This is my updated code #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> us... (by HadesFalcon)
by aMo38
Dividing string into two parts
I need to divide a single string into 2 parts. The first character of the string must be a Letter fr...
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by Rogge
Sorting an array
I need help sorting an integer array. Is there a way to sort an array in descending order without a ...
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