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2D Sprite Shakes while being followed by camera
I'm making my view follow around my players ship, so it is always in the center, however at any angl...
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Error in Prime Numbers Program
Here is what I have: #include <iostream> #include <cmath> using std::cout; using std::endl; ...
[1 reply] : have you googled before posting? # include <cmath> // This libra... (by joneele)
checker program error
my checker program can work fine on some place without the checker blocked or on the corner but it h...
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Help with adjacent_find()
I need a simple adjacent_find() to find the adjacent same letter in a randomly generated string
[1 reply] : Is this simple enough? #include <iostream> #include <string> #includ... (by Cubbi)
i want to add a prompt at the start of my program which ask a user to enter its password wat will b...
[3 replies] Last: as pass and num are pointers, if (pass==num) checks if they both poi... (by theranga)
Tree Control Help needed
How do I add files to a tree control. I have all the directory and sub directorys ..need the files t...
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How do you store the entire content of a file in a variable?
I would like to store the entire content of a file in a single c-string variable or in a standard st...
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by Balrog
OpenGL Window and Texture Errors (SOIL)
I've been getting a really strange bug in my project ever since I ported it from XP to 7. What happe...
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by mobat
Am I writing my code efficiently?
I started writing a base to a text base adventure game and I was wondering since I am pretty far in ...
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it is not working on windows. i am unable to find the error!!
#include <iostream> using namespace std; class ratio{ public: ratio(int n=0, int d=...
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template function parsing - what's going on here?
template< typename TYPE > void Foo( const TYPE & foo ) {} int main ( void ) { const int* ...
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by rpod83
Weird memory problem, accessing certain data corrupts other data.
I am having a problem where within a heap-allocated object, a function is called that does some manu...
[1 reply] : > what kind of thing might create this problem. accessing out of boun... (by ne555)
Writing to File Problem? [Noob Here]
Hi guys, I started learn c++ about 2 or 3 days ago. I'm getting the hang of the easy console stuff. ...
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Search for User Control
I am in need of a "Virtual Joystick" user interface control for Visual C++ under Visual Studio. Has...
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Small bug in code
hello all, I believe there is a small bug in my code because of this the segA and segB sizes when...
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by Musi
Finite State Machine/ State Pattern
I've been trying to make my first game but I'm having trouble just setting up the basic game states....
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I'm a beginner in programming, just started to work in some projects and one of them is a "CANT WIN ...
[3 replies] Last: Better to create public GallowsPole::draw() method which will call dr... (by MiiNiPaa)
Calculate the start of a row in VGA VRAM?
How do I calculate the start of a row (e.g. row #0, #1 etc.) in the VGA's VRAM? (On a planar level) ...
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c++ program which adds text onto an image
Hello I want to create a program using c++ which will accept text from the user and then adds it ...
[1 reply] : For that stuff, I am using QT Framework. Never worked with other libra... (by geforcefan)
Allocation/Deallocation problems
Hallo Guys, Since days, I am trying to figure out my "allocation/deallocation" problem. Its simpl...
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