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by a k n
C/C++ dynamic memory deallocation mechanism
Hi, In c/c++ we allocate dynamic memory using malloc()/new() and deallocate using free()/delete()....
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by siag
Adding a big number into array
hello when i run the program i want to add a big integer number into an int array how can i do it....
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need help with my c++ program :-(
I need a program with menu system and program should ask for student surname, forename and their dat...
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by minak
hi, I am trying to use multithreading for fuction which is identified in the class, but I confront t...
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by Rikkin
Problem: Dynamic memory allocation
Hi guys, I'm new in C/C++ programming and I got a problem in dynamic memory allocation. I have a ...
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/* Implementation of a circular queue of Array containg names.. */ # include <stdio.h> # include <...
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Visual Studio Express C++ 2010
Ok guys I have a slight problem in Visual Studio C++. I have a Combo Box with four options : Con...
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Best type for text in Win32 API
Hi I'm having real problems with lines of text, getting 'can't convert errors' when passing text ...
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Segmentation Fault
I can't work out why I get a Segmentation Fault with my C++ program. Could please guide me to an ans...
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We need to help with new Tomb Raider engine
Hi there :) Do you know about old Tomb Raider games? If so it would be great. We need to help with ...
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Declare class member outside of constructor.
Basically, I need to set a variable outside of the constructor and make it accessible to the entire ...
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by sumsar
linked list
I posted this in the beginner forum but with no luck. Im trying to make a linked list / lobby, but ...
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by ehab93
isPrime fun
can anyone tell me what's wrong with this fun!! it doesn't work with big numbers ! bool isPrime(l...
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Interesting dynamic function execution issue
Hey guys, I've got some functions and macros that I want to execute based on a string input that ma...
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Binary operators
Hello, I've been looking at binary operators lately.. And I don't quite understand some of them.. ...
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Equivalent site for c#
- Being that i recently started learning and doing research in c#, i wanted to ask all of you if you...
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Correct allocation of memory inside methods/functions
Good night, The problem is the following, I am making a wrapper object of sockets in c++, since t...
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by nmn
adding floats
Hello All, I am very new at c++ and ran into this problem. pairPercentage = ((float)tempPair/h...
[3 replies] Last: 1.4013 e-44 is a too little value. It does not influence on the valu... (by vlad from moscow)
Pseudo code
Write a program that prompts the user to enter an item#, the program should determine if the item is...
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Game of Life
Hi everyone, I am struggling to write a program for Conway's Game of life. I am a relative beginn...
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