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SDL Proplem
while i am compiling the code below it pops: unresolved external:SDL Symbol RWReadFile referenced ...
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0.1 ms ping. Is that possible.
Basically, i am playing around on my home network with simple udp server and client and i want measu...
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Live video feed information display
Hi, I am working on making an arduino project that takes information from a webcam, a temperature/hu...
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by nabi
MFC-> setwindowtext
Dear all, I am facing a problem with the function setwindowtext from MFC. Basically, i have a ...
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Any GUI library which is highly customizable and supports translucent windows?
Hello community, is there any GUI library which is highly customizable and supports translucent wind...
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Should I get this book?
The book is called "Programming Windows fifth edition" It looks quite old and I am worried it will n...
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Add shadow to WS_EX_LAYERED
Hi, I have a pop-up window that is centered in my main application. Its purpose is to display an im...
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question re default menu width (WinAPI, C++)
I have a C++ application (non-MFC)with a menu on the main dialog. I define the menu in my resource f...
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How to click an item in listview(Win32/C++)
Dear Experts, I am developing an automation tool(C++) for which I need to write program to Click,Do...
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Pass String And Back
I want to send a pointer string (c-type strings only, please) to a function and have that function f...
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FindFirstFile and FindNextFile
Let's say you have the following declarations: HANDLE h; WIN32_FIND_DATA fd; and you set h = Fi...
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How to use SDL without VC++?
Hi all, I want to write a program with 2D graphics, so I downloaded SDL 1.2.15. It came with instruc...
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Problem with WDK !
Hi, I am learning about creating Drivers and i downloaded WDK form Mircosoft's Official Website a...
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Scroll bar problem
I'm readig <Programming Windows 5th>, chapter 4 , scroll bar, and there's some code puzzles me, I us...
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Dynamic Window Size
Okay, I've come up with this: void SizeWindow(HWND& hMain, int iWidth, int iHeight) { RECT clRe...
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