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Autosize using .NET Chart Control - Code Help!
private: System::Void checkBox1_CheckedChanged(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e) { ...
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winpcap c++ and ipv6
Hello... It might be a simple enough problem, but I'm stuck solving it for two days now. I've been t...
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Is it possible to find which appliction sends what packets?
Hi guys Imagine that I've written a packet sniffer to scan my network activity as Data mining purpo...
[3 replies] Last: I don't know how this function alone will get you the EXE file which s... (by modoran)
how can client retrieve vector list from server?
i have a client application that needs to connect to servers from anywhere so to do this i'm trying ...
[5 replies] Last: std::string recvbuf; for (size_t i = 0; i < vectorBuf.size(); i++) {... (by modoran)
by SulPC
Custom Executable Icon
Could someone please exsplain to me how to change the default executable file icon, I read that a re...
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Can you autoscale in windows application form with GUI, if so how?
[6 replies] Last: Yes, I am using .NET. Thanks for your help anyways! (by epd5030)
anyone familiar with QT
I am debating on using MFC or QT for windows development. Is QT opensource(free) or is there a fee i...
[6 replies] Last: Wow... I really forgot to mention wxWidgets! Thanks dude! Since he is... (by Mitch)
Serial Port Communication Help
I have a device that I would like to operate from a computer. The device is connected to the compu...
[3 replies] Last: So, are you sure that you can communicate with the serial port at all?... (by coder777)
Opening and Reading .doc/.docx files
I know how to read the text of a simple text document (.rtf/.txt) by using an ifstream and appending...
[1 reply] : .doc(x)s are not plain text; you will have to interpret and parse the ... (by firedraco)
c++ & mobiles
hello , I really want to make mobiles apps like games ... etc and Idon't know what should I do , pl...
[2 replies] Last: A large amount of them support C. Even more (new ones) support Java ME... (by Mitch)
Hi, My intension to copying word value in its hex code format in to a TCHAR array Please help me t...
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Exception handling on Release mode
Hi, In my win32 application code exception is coming when i am running in release mode.But working ...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you for your reply.I will make all variable to initialized & wil... (by manjut19)
by herold
Need suggestions on project.
Hello friends, I am developing new project. It is based on Windows API. I need your suggest...
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Change Background Color
Here is my code so far: // Colored Hello World.cpp : main project file. #include <stdafx.h> // Use...
[4 replies] Last: Have a look at FillConsoleOutputAttribute, as I suggested before. Tog... (by andywestken)
by Phiru
I am making chatting based on WinSock.
I am using TCP and the function of my app is just to send/recv msg. Generally it works fine, but ...
[2 replies] Last: Please see the difference between transportation and application layer... (by tath)
by wmac
VStudio 2012, Watches don't work for some variables
Hello everyone, I am trying to debug a C++ program but suddenly the Visual Studio 2012 does not s...
[1 reply] : Are you debugging a release or debug configuration? A release configu... (by cire)
Input/Output files giving me issues
so i am writing a program that takes in a bunch of information about an employee and will eventually...
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GUI Creation Problem
Can someone tell me about how to do this :- 1.I created a window and a child button.Now I want to...
[5 replies] Last: My last response explains how it must be done using the Win32 API. Tha... (by andywestken)
C++ and some type of SQL Database
Hi there. I am an experienced programmer from outside of the windows world. I have dabbled in C, but...
[2 replies] Last: SQLite is very popular, but it is mainly used for handling local datab... (by andywestken)
by Phiru
I have a dialog which has three buttons in it. In order to know the mouse position when the poin...
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