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Output to separate program
Hi guys, I'm trying to set up a program in C++ that runs the installer for a few programs (Office...
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Managed Struct
I may have to post this elsewhere, but thought someone could help as it may not be a managed issue. ...
[1 reply] : I had to do squares[i,b] = gcnew square; squares[i,b]->validBits = g... (by bobdabilder)
Very basic multithreading
Hi. I've been experimenting with basic threading, trying to create a thread running a loop, and bei...
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by minime
Splitting a project - GUI
I'm trying to split a project that I have written into two separate parts. I currently have a c++ pr...
[2 replies] Last: Currently, the entire GUI is written in API, which is tedious to chang... (by minime)
by h4344
cannot convert 'modentry32*' to 'tagMODULEENTRY32*'
Not sure what im doing wrong but im getting the error below when i try to use Module32First() functi...
[4 replies] Last: The Microsoft definition is just to make the use of the structre more ... (by andywestken)
How to detect UNICODE file?
I've tried opening a unicode file by many methods. If I knew "the file is ANSI or Unicode" then I wo...
[1 reply] : You open the file in binary mode and check the BOM (Byte Order Mark) -... (by andywestken)
native window form application
how to create simple window from application having simple out put displayed by a button?
[6 replies] Last: @muddaser You're mixing the terminology up: you can have a native Win... (by andywestken)
by h4344
Question about Module32First
Self Solved
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by flony
example problem with mysql in visual c + +
hello friends after search and download the mysql, I tried to do the steps to make a database in c +...
[2 replies] Last: The solution, I found reading the MySQL documentation. had to follow t... (by flony)
EclipseCDT Unicode puzzles me.
In vs2010, I create an empty win32 console application--> windows app, the default character setting...
[1 reply] : Add this before including windows.h or any other header file: #defin... (by modoran)
How to create a Folder in c++
Hey i am wondering, How i can create a Raw Folder in c++. But i do not how to do this so any one h...
[8 replies] Last: mkdir is a UNIX command I thought you were using Windows? The Window... (by andywestken)
by Dobi
XP sleeps 500ms when calling PlaySound()?
Hi, on different multicore PCs (I do not have this effect on single core machines.) Windows XP 32...
[2 replies] Last: Hi SamuelAdams, surprisingly the behaviour only occurs to me on multic... (by Dobi)
Virtual Key
[2 replies] Last: @Jackson Marie - I suggest that you write functions that only have one... (by ajh32)
by cliffy
1d Arrays
Write a program with 1d array with 50 elements.The program should find the maximum and minimum value...
[2 replies] Last: Is this homework? I can give you some hints, you can use for(int i... (by Filiprei)
matlab helping
please help me in matlab why the following code is error t=-10:0.1:10; T0=1; V=1; x=V*squa...
[2 replies] Last: The problem is that square is not defined. (by toum)
Please explain me this program
The program is not for homework im just reading c++ primer plus and its one of the listings it was q...
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Programming Language Levels?
What are these levels? I've heard of low level and high level languages; is there more? I've also he...
[3 replies] Last: Low versus high also relates to the level of abstraction the language ... (by andywestken)
by paulle
pleas explain in detail the hows of creating a makefile
[1 reply] : As you didn't mention which make utility you were wanting to use, I as... (by andywestken)
How do you save images in wxWidgets?
Hi everyone, I am currently working on a paint program and I am having trouble getting it to save im...
[3 replies] Last: Use the latest version of wxwidget. I don't know what SetSize() does... (by coder777)
by dancks
How do I make a project in Visual Studio?
I usually write source code with notepad and compile with MinGW on the command line due to my disdai...
[4 replies] Last: lightshow::clear(), lightshow::paint() etc have apparently not been de... (by Ogoyant)
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