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best compiler for c++ on windows
i am using borland c++ nowadays. but i'm facing some problems on it. i am also having code::block...
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directX vector normals
lets say you have the Unit moving and camera follows it. But if u rotate the Unit (around Y axis) a...
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by STX970
Direct3D textures
Hello all, I have created an application with D3DX9. My application displays text on the faces o...
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Cannot automate/simulate listview click of another process
I am developing an automation tool. I want to click listview item of another process programatically...
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File Explorer
Hello programmers.....!!!! I want to make file exlorer in CLI (command line interface). please help...
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moving text from left to right
Here is my code so far: #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> #include <iostream> #include <wind...
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[win32api] Tab in multiline editcontrol?
is there some way in properties of editcontrol to tell it that I actually want to add TAB "\t" to th...
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How many characters can string variable hold?
Hi all, How many characters can string variable hold? ex : string a="apple"; like what is the ma...
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by Manga
I would like some sfml help
I made a game with sfml. Now that I am done... How can I stop the console window from popping up? I ...
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Bug in my Win32 Program
Problem: Edit control does't show after document saves. Code: case ID_FILE_SAVEAS: { OPENF...
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Resource monitor crashes program
My friend told me that when he opened his resource monitor (Win8 x64) my program (32bit) crashed. I ...
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by aj3423
implement a recursive dir iterator
Hi, I want to write a recursive dir iterator, so I can write code like: for_each(recursive_dir_ite...
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How to give trial period to software ?
If any one can make trial period to this file i can pay needful amount for that.I have to make this...
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by clodi
how to create an icon?
Hi guys. Just realised that my windows program doesnt have an icon. I do DirectX and no almost not...
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[win32api] List View control help
I'm trying to create this List View control, but somehow I can't load any column to it, here's the c...
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Need help for my homework
Hi all i got problem with my c++ code can some one tell me where is my misstake coz i really need th...
[5 replies] Last: #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { clrscr(); unsigne... (by Mevan Edirisinghe)
HELP! 100 independently running Ramp objects
Hello :) We would really like someone to have a look at the following code and tell us why it does ...
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How will you set the 'integrity level' of a file using c++???
Hi all, How will you set the 'integrity level' of a file using c++??? I mean the files in System32...
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Get process execution?
how do I wait with my app till there's some new process and check it's name? do I have to use timer ...
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How to delete a file on reboot using c++?
Hi all, How to delete a file on reboot using c++? Please help me guys:)
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