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Do you have that can help pleasee
Factoring of integers. Write a program that asks the user for an integer and then prints out all i...
[9 replies] Last: I agree with Chervil, start simple, compile and make sure what you hav... (by SamuelAdams)
Loop math problem
Here is my code so far, i need to get the dates to go to the first of every month for 30 months and ...
[4 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <iomanip> #include <cs... (by JHoney21)
string conversion to vector<char>?
I need to create a function that turns a string into a vector of characters with each character hold...
[11 replies] Last: Just an observation, why bother doing this when you can just use the s... (by jaypmueller)
by RoKr93
Trouble with Loops
I'm trying to make a constantly-updating analog clock display. Here's my code so far (excuse the mes...
[10 replies] Last: At this point I'd say go for the Class technique. (by LB)
so my assignment is to write a code for arrays. here is what im instructed to do. Follow these ste...
[2 replies] Last: cool, thank you! is everything else okay? (by closed account oj87ko23)
Card dealing program
This is my project im fairly new and found this and thought id try it, how would i go about starting...
[5 replies] Last: This is part of his assignment though, so I'm guessing he is not allow... (by Lynx876)
Initialize static members in Template class
I've been trying to initialize a static variable in my template class and I can't get it to work. Th...
[4 replies] Last: @INeedAHero What do you mean? Where does that belong? All class m... (by vlad from moscow)
by django
Help! C++ task
Hi, am asking for help! There is a picture with result what I need:
[5 replies] Last: Now its complite.. THANK YOU GUYS :):):) #include <iostream> #incl... (by django)
Need some help with my assignments
I dont want to be spoonfed code, but I just want to know the way I should go about tackling these tw...
[1 reply] : For the first task, here is a link on how to tell if a year is a leap ... (by Branflakes91093)
"Expected expression" before return
So after putting the nHigh/nLow example (5.9) in Xcode (like I do with all examples), it gave me a...
[7 replies] Last: Oh, I never knew that! Thanks! I've always included time.h... lol (: (by Lynx876)
Quick Question.. Menu Navigation?
I am creating a program that has a menu used for navigating around it to different function and what...
[5 replies] Last: You put the function calls within the case statements! Replace line 31... (by Lynx876)
by Ch1156
SDL need help with clickable button
Ok so im trying to make a program and i have 1 button in it and when i click it i want it to perform...
[17 replies] Last: You can use SDL_MOUSEBUTTONDOWN, but now for both buttons you check if... (by Fransje)
Three Dimensional Array
I don't suppose anyone could give me an example of a three dimensional array? I just need to know t...
[2 replies] Last: What would the output be of that? If you gave those array some number... (by DELB)
Segmentation error on basic_string.h ??
Hey all, I have a akward issue with a basic_string handler in a existing coded mini application. ...
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Hello everyone ! Can you make me a program? Pop and Push. Please !
[2 replies] Last: //Apolo, Catherine D. //Caballero, Alvin B. //Dasalla, Justin Roi G. /... (by justinroi21)
3 errors , Please breif me about errors. thanks
//Write a program by using a class to input two values using a member function //of a class . Disp...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks sir i got , i am sorry . (by toseefasim)
Please correct the code it has 3 errors, " int main "
//Write a program to input a date and print on the //screen by using class #include <iostream.h> ...
[1 reply] : Please paste the error you are getting. For starters the error seem... (by svarg)
overloaded friend operator
Im just trying to create an overloaded friend function (am i phrasing that right?) to add two differ...
[6 replies] Last: yeah I see where I derped real hard there about friendship, sorry :p ... (by drew887)
Caeser Shift
Hey guys, I've been practising my C before the new Uni semester starts and I'm having a bit of troub...
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Returning Values in Functions?
I understand that when you put things in the parentheses int example(int a, int b) { // ...
[1 reply] : what you could do is have what most people call a "getter" function an... (by drew887)
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