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I am attempting to make a journal prog.
hello Im trying to make a program to help me keep up with my progress with a journal program, I want...
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Changing Duplicate Random Numbers
We were assigned to write a program using a Matrix, that displays a table of random numbers from 1-4...
[2 replies] Last: We were assigned to write a program using a Matrix, that displays a t... (by cire)
Stream to Vector
This is what I have: #include <fstream> #include <vector> #include <iostream> #include <stri...
[1 reply] : You'd need to design a class for this vector to store. Here's a simpli... (by Cubbi)
by ace55
HELP PLEASE Switch Statement for Day Number
Hi everyone, I need to do this assignment and am having trouble as i was absent from class. We we...
[1 reply] : If you could really put your code into code-tags that would be wonderf... (by drew887)
Why use "private" in c++ classes? What's the point?
I'm trying to get the hang of classes. I understand the need and use of "public:" in classes, but I ...
[2 replies] Last: I think we have a pretty good tutorial on the subject ( http://www.cpl... (by drew887)
by hckrwb
Void Function
Hi Everyone, Very beginner with C++. Reading some books and trying to write some codes as much as...
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by djun
How we desactive the precompiled headers?(tdafx.h, targetver.h & stdafx.cpp)
Hi, Im a french canadian who is not very good in english. Im a beginner in C++. I work with visua...
[2 replies] Last: Visual basic C++, eh? Visit your project properties: http://s8.postim... (by cire)
by stdeez
int heaviestCar(int arr ,int elements){ int heaviest=0; int carWeight=0; int temp=0; while (...
[8 replies] Last: problem solved. heaviest didnt have a value in main... i thought tha... (by stdeez)
If, If else coding problem
Hi I have to write a program that takes 2 inputs to indicate the amount of gas used and then calcula...
[17 replies] Last: It's necessary to have braces if you have multiple things you want the... (by Disch)
Skipping second cin>>x
This is my first time posting on this forum so apologies if i haven't followed correct forum etiquet...
[4 replies] Last: Vin, LowestOne and Cubbi! Thanks heaps, i've solved my problem! <3 (by JingoJango)
attempting to eliminate duplicate strings in an array
/*Function 5: Unique word array Parameters: (string to search, integer start position, array to ret...
[1 reply] : Edit: removed profane cout statement that was relaying current variabl... (by nerdynate)
creating an array with a struct
So Im trying to create an array with a size equal to the course variable of studenta. What am I doin...
[11 replies] Last: Ok then what you have to do is either compile with the option -std=c+... (by cire)
program that outputs the time it takes for lighg from the sun to reach the planets
Input output program that shows how long the speed of light takes to reach the planet's Speed of l...
[7 replies] Last: Do you mean can you put the minutes and seconds in the same block? If ... (by Danny Toledo)
Number of days per year (including leap years)
Hey guys! I've been working on this code to figure out the days in a year, example, 50 days have pas...
[10 replies] Last: I got it. Thank you very much! (by strongbad440)
Finding the sum of all the values of a variable.
Hello, I'm writing a program for my c++ class that requires me to read data from a file and the prof...
[2 replies] Last: Thank a lot. I was able to get it to compile and show the right profit... (by abledpilot)
Hello All
Hello All, Just popped in to say hey. I am new to programming and I am currently trying to bot...
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by lifedj
How can I build a library under windows
Hi, I need help to do a thing that I usually do in linux, but now I'm not able to do in windows! I'...
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by T4l0n
turn this array to add into a moltiplication
#include <iostream> using namespace std; float input(float array , int num); float output(floa...
[1 reply] : I would be surprised if this actually ran, have you tried compiling it... (by guatemala007)
Simple Calculator Problem
Here is the code for my simple calculator: #include <iostream> using namespace std; float a;...
[2 replies] Last: worked great thanks so much for your help (by TheSnowman)
C++ Incompatible types: calculating allele frequencies
Here is what the input file looks like: 1-1_Sample 1 GCCCATGGCT 2-1_Sample 1 GAGTGTATGT 3-1_S...
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