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swapping lettters in array
I have a function that is suppose to swap positions of 2 letters but It doesn't seem to work. Im pas...
[6 replies] Last: You should print out 'word' not 'temp1' Because your way it will alway... (by zoran404)
Constructive criticism needed for Quadratic equation calculator 3.
Hello. I need constructive criticism of my quadratic equation calculator (version: 3). Thank y...
[7 replies] Last: Problem is your code is hard to follow: there is a loop which body is ... (by MiiNiPaa)
using pow in long long
Hi guys, is there anyway to use the pow function for long long? i`m trying to do a modulo uns...
[16 replies] Last: try this source: int fastExp(double x, double y, double z) { const... (by junkz)
Read images from database
Hello, I have a database of images and I want to store paths of all those images to a text file (le...
[4 replies] Last: how do i loop over all images in the database?? how does variable "pat... (by shekhar425)
Hi Friends, I am doing research in Optical Networks, therefore I need to write my own simulator i...
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Type conversion
Well, I just wanted to assign one object to another(both of different classes) supposing Destinati...
[5 replies] Last: Now, the error is after the call to constructor is made... a destruct... (by tvrameshmc)
Deriving base class
Can someone give me an example of how to create a base class that is derived (inherited) by three ot...
[12 replies] Last: Thanks, that helped out a lot! (by t2nator)
Dynamic memory question
What is the diff between pscobject = new _pscmain; and _pscmain * pscobject ? For dynamic memor...
[2 replies] Last: Understood :) (by jaden5165)
Faster vs Smaller
Hello, I was wondering. I am a bit curious about this code: #include <iostream> int main (void) ...
[7 replies] Last: Does &0xF mean that it is only taking the lower 4 bits from a byte? S... (by helios)
Find String help
I'm trying to use the find string to erase a '\n' from the end of a word. I tried something along t...
[7 replies] Last: ut it had no effect. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong? It d... (by cire)
Including a JPEG file
How to include a jpeg file into a c++ program??
[2 replies] Last: Do you mean embedding into executable itself and access it at runtime ... (by modoran)
No operator matches this operan
Im almost done with this code,, this is what i have to do Write a program that displays the roman n...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you guys! it worked! (by Christian Feliciano)
Why doesn't it run in Release mode?
I've been working on the Euler project problems, and I have the solution to problem 25, but it only ...
[4 replies] Last: If you want to see which warnings are generated (that warning is one ... (by Ikaron)
Ranking Problem With Arrays
[no replies]
Array into function as parameter pass
Hey everyone, so I have been working on this all day, and its due in like an hour and a half. I have...
[1 reply] : Your functions should be outside of main. Forward declarations are d... (by Computergeek01)
by Smac89
data corruption in vector
I have this code that is supposed to store numbers in one vector and another vector stores pointers ...
[9 replies] Last: well then for-loops it is. thank you both (by Smac89)
C++ catching strings
I am making a very basic calculator, but the problem is that when I input a string, it goes on repea...
[10 replies] Last: Normally cout is "tied" to cin. Whenever you use cin, cout is flushed... (by cire)
Issue with function
void add_inventory(string item){ int x; //Counter while (x << bag_space){ //While counter is l...
[2 replies] Last: Alright that makes sense. I read somewhere about using inventory .com... (by Nathaniel Sheller)
threads : variable allocated on the stack is persisting
I always thought variables allocated on the stack vanish when the function returns / ends However, ...
[8 replies] Last: No. They are part of the static data area of the program, which exist... (by MikeyBoy)
converting a double to a string
hi i think i need to convert a double to a string, we are working in visual studio doing a program. ...
[1 reply] : never mind i figured it out that quick, i had area as int and i was di... (by latenwrong)
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