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How to find system requirements?
How is it that you find out what ram and processor you need to run a game?
[5 replies] Last: You mean aside from Task Manager? Windows Performance Monitor allows ... (by andywestken)
Wxwidgets errors
I was trying to create wxwidgets program then this question apeard while tryn to set it up "a matchi...
[3 replies] Last: You should read docs\msw\install.txt from your wxwidgets distributio... (by modoran)
Graphics to a console program
How do i add graphics to my c++ console program
[6 replies] Last: Thax guys (by Kaleb mapatha)
How will you kill a process WITHOUT using any API ?
Hi all, i have a small question! How will you kill a process WITHOUT using any API ? Is there a...
[8 replies] Last: try this ExitProcess(); (by mysunshine)
Can anyone give an example code of SHBrowseForFolder function???
Hi all, Can anyone give an example code of SHBrowseForFolder function??? Thankyou everyone in ad...
[2 replies] Last: Perversely, the code samples in the MSDN entry for SHBrowseForFolder d... (by andywestken)
TerminateProces() vs. NtTerminateProcess() -> which is better?
Hi all, i have a small question - is the NtTerminateProcess powerful than TerminateProcess if not...
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How to restart windows in safe mode using C++ ???
Hi all, it has been so long since i visited this forum . . . So, i need to know how to restart ...
[7 replies] Last: Thankyou all for your help ! I will use the batch file! please answe... (by closed account 3hMz8vqX)
by bzh
Simulate Mouse without Requiring Control
I'm trying to simulate a mouse click within a Client Context and only using the X/Y coordinates of i...
[2 replies] Last: Either way, if I'm going to send a WM_COMMAND to an app be for a contr... (by bzh)
by armita
Help Please:(
I need to answer this question as soon as possible. Please give me your ideas. Thanks.. question...
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Changes between directx 9 and 11
Are there a lot of major changes between DirectX 9 and 11? Are can I use directx 9 tutorials but pro...
[1 reply] : I asked this a while back: (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
Directx 11 book?
Does anyone know of any books that could teach directx 11. I would like to learn direct2d/3d as well...
[5 replies] Last: If you want to learn the basics of Windows programming, you can go her... (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
Looking for an HTML5 chatroom for my website
I am looking for an HTML5 chatroom for my website that is mobile friendly. I could find only Rumble...
[8 replies] Last: Yeah, I understood that. (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
Visual Studio 2013 Design Mode
Can you, and if you can how to switch to design mode in visual Studio 2013? On Win32 Applicationd
[1 reply] : Unless it's a new feature in the very latest version of Visual Studio,... (by andywestken)
Directx Beginner
Hallo liebe Community, ich bin gerade dabei, ein wenig in directx reinzuschnuppern. Jetzt bin ic...
[2 replies] Last: Auch wenn eine Antwort zehn Tage nach der Anfrage ziemlich unsinnig sc... (by plexus)
2K TDEA encryption and decryption
Hi, I am using NEW 8110 POS terminal. I have to communicate with a terminal communicating host. I...
[3 replies] Last: Hi everyone, Thank you for the help. Finally we found the wrong point... (by dushantha12)
Binary File Handling
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learning C++
C++ is an amazing language, so powerful. The thing is, I'm having a hard time learning it, i dont kn...
[12 replies] Last: PI:3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459230... (by Cronnoc)
WinSock2 error
Well, I am not positive it has to do with the WinSock, but that is what I am guessing. I am getting...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, kbw!!! (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
How to use DirectX?
I was wondering if anyone knows about directx. I know a fare amount of C++ and I want to learn Direc...
[5 replies] Last: Does anyone know of some good, preferably free, tutorials? (For direct... (by nicedude80)
SDL resize to smaller size and brightness
urgent! SDL_surface *zoomout(SDL_surface *surface) { } i knw how is the concept but i cannot ap...
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