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problem after hard work
I cann,t see the output any help guys!!!!!!1 'huffman.exe': Loaded 'C:\Users\emhmed\Downl...
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by Ch1156
How to increase the global volume of windows
I have a laptop running windows 7 and its so annoying because the volume is waaaaaaaaay to low, i di...
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Challenge Logic
Guys, I have a challenge for the teacher and need some help to come up with logic. What is a Windo...
[1 reply] : Run a search for "delete users WINAPI" on your Internet browser. I can... (by newbieg)
by Jazmin
input file error
So this is my homework. However I am having trouble getting the file to open and read me the values....
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Sizing window
I had created a window that contains several components (Edit, List View, Buttons, ...). I need to r...
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Resizing in Windows Forms Application
Hi, when I resize the program I made, the window itself resizes but the other stuff I have in the pr...
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Integration with Word
Hi All. I', new here are fairly new to C++ so please excuse my ignorance! I'm undertaking a proj...
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Open files with...
I was curious how I could make it possible to set my program as the "default program" for opening a ...
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by Addez
All of a sudden my program refuse to execute
I was working on a very simple program that only uses the cmd to do stuff. Then all of a sudden it ...
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Taking a screenshot
I need some help with winapi HDC hScreenDC = CreateDC(L"DISPLAY", NULL, NULL, NULL); HDC hMemoryDC ...
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How to make communication in different dialogues in MFC dialogue based application?
In my MFC dialogue based application one situation is that first I open model dialogue and click eve...
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by norbit
How to remove last character in textbox?
I am programing a calculator. I have created backspace button to remove last character in textbox bu...
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by aggsyb
Console App to Windows Forms
Hey, I have a fully functioning console app, I would like to turn it into an app with a UI. Using VC...
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Flickering List View
I created list view using win API CreateWindowEx . The List View is flickering too much and its pro...
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Where is INP_BUFFER_SIZE defined? Well, that's short, but that is all I have to ask. Thank you! ...
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C++ Winsock Multiclient Server!
Hey guys, i was wondering how can i make my Winsock server multiclient? Here is my code for my main...
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Java... please assist a beginner
/* The output will display answers up to 15 digits... The answers are to have a decimal accuracy of ...
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WinAPI Windows 7 Taskbar Tutorial
I want a tutorial on how to use the Windows 7 taskbar API (eg. Jump Lists, Icon overlay, progressbar...
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by knn9
How do you use 32bit icons? (winapi/VS2010)
I can't find much info on this. MSDN recommends to use 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48 icons, no greater tha...
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game loop suport
I want to have some varables that can be used throught functions using the extrn comand. here is my...
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