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do you know any source code to read a file from mft(master file table) I need to find a file in mft ...
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by Alx101
Static casting a function?
I have a problem in which i am trying to make my OpenGL Viewport to resize when the window is resize...
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by sever
Point out structs vectors
Hi guys, I defined an structure like this, struct STRUCT1 { bool bvar; std::string svar; ...
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ifstream (1,2)
can someone tell me why this isnt working? a little bit of background to help. i am making a sort of...
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by iantac
tellg() and seekg()????
I have a text file which has a size of 18 bytes. The text file contains ABCDEFG HIJ KLMN I was wo...
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Using OpenGL with Qt
I am currently looking into developing some games in C++, and OpenGL seems to have a great library a...
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Qt = cpp ????
Hi guys, I`ve once asked what you would have to do, if you wanted to do programming, where you als...
[1 reply] : You probably haven't learned C++ just C. And yes QT is really C++. Jus... (by coder777)
please help :)!!
Im seriously new to C++ and any programming language. I do software design as a subject at school. I...
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multiple target patterns (c++)
$(BIN): $(OBJ) ---------->[Build Error]***multiple target patterns what can ı do to solve th...
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by Cearl
quick question
hello everyone! So i have a quick question, i'm currently working on a game and i'm trying to bui...
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One-Dimension Array
Help me out, my professor gave us this problem, I can't figure it out. And I also do not have a C++ ...
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by minht
Calculations not working right?
can you guys help me figure out why my program is putting out negative numbers? here is the progr...
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by beakie
Structs - is it possible>?
Hi, I need to create a struct to hold an array of values. I would normally do this... st...
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OpenGL Texture Mapping
I'm trying to apply a texture to a square (just for practice). I made an image loader, and I don't ...
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by tition
template problem linker, can it be a bug?
Hi all, I am using gcc 4.6.3 on Ubuntu with standard settings. I have the following program, w...
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Reading integers from a data file, and using the integers in formulas
hi i am relatively new to this and i have to create a least square fit program which will read x and...
[1 reply] : my file looks like this if it helps x y 4 1 5 2 8 5 9 4 11 7 14 8 15 1... (by mcurley104)
Reading to end of text file and displaying line count
SO i am trying to write a program that asks the user for input and then opens a file that is of that...
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How to reset preferences in Turbo C++ IDE?
Okay, So I was trying to customize the background color for the editor in Turbo C++ IDE by going th...
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if (FileRecord->Ntfs.Type == 'ELIF' && (FileRecord->Flags & 1) == 0) what does "ELIF" means...
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by Cagdas
modifying the char*
hi everyone here is the code char* a = "aaa"; *a++ = 'd'; // run time error occurs but n...
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