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help with multiple defined symbols found
int main }
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Which way is better? inheritance or member?
Which way is better? So, for example, let's say we have a game engine class through which you can ad...
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How to exit the program and and continue
include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { float weight, height, bmi; cout<<"Enter weight...
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No clue how to start?
So i just transferred into a computer science and im like two weeks behind. I have no clue how to ev...
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Hi guys , i have a question . Example : i declared 2 int variables . It is possible to find which is...
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SDL Snake Clone has troubles rendering the snake
Hi everyone! I rencently discovered the SDL library, and when I tought I was ready for it, I starte...
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Create a file list (platform-independent way?)
Hi guys, although this questions has been asked many times, I haven't found a working solution fo...
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Is this a legit optimization?
In the out() function below, which sums elements, you can see I have a switch case to do the summat...
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geting question marks for quotation marks
I'm reading from a file that has quotation marks and when it reads the quotation marks, i get questi...
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How to use a language to program instances of class?
Hello! I begin to make a game creator for myself. I want to use c++ for the engine (work in progr...
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Hi guys . How do i measure the length of an array ? Better to say : how do i pass every element fro...
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Two phase name lookup (most of it) in the Microsoft compiler 1. ...
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how to format/truncate
Hi, Want to format and truncate/round my number at the same time in the program: Here I want the ...
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by biomod
Undefined symbol error
Hi, I've recently taken over a project and therefore I am not completely familiar with it - however,...
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Trouble while trying to find a specific word
hey. im trying to find a word in a txt file and if it is found count 11 lines after it, then save th...
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precise definition of "precision"
What exactly is the precise definition of "precision" of a numeric field? As far as I know, it s...
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Can I change the way functions work?
When you pass a variable to a function in a function call, the function makes a copy of the variable...
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How to connect objects in order to transport data between them?
Suppose I have a class Object which can send or receive some data: class Object { protected: ...
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by abc1
virtual functions
hi, I am very new to virtual functions of c++. what is virtual function?why it is used? pleas...
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"no matching function calling for getline" error (1,2)
I got this Build message: 1>------ Build started: Project: chapter17ex7, Configuration: Debug Wi...
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