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MFC threading question
Hi, I am using C++ MFC and I wouldn't exactly call myself an expert :-). What I have is a thread dr...
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Stuck in an infinite loop while inputing file name.
The program is designed to take a file name as a string. My issue here is with the loop, what I want...
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by nabi
MFC, lost dialog pointer hWnd = ???
Dear all, I am writting a MFC based program in VS2010 based on static libraries and in the linke...
[2 replies] Last: You are right, Deleting on OnInitDialog de Cedit * before pOUTPUT hav... (by nabi)
USBView Compile Error
I just downloaded the USBView sample application...
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looking for help with direct input
I am using visual c++ 8 express edition, and I am looking for some executeable code that will let m...
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by Hit
best book for starting win32
Windows System Programming 4e
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Visual C++, System.Data.SQLite - Retrieve image from database
Hi, I am attempting to retrieve an image stored as a BLOB in a SQLite database and display that i...
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DLLs & Processes
Overview: DLL attached to Main Processes (MP) and External Process (EP) MP tells DLL to write valu...
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by shihan
Where is "__null" defined?
In the library "stddef.h" I find out this line of code: #if defined (_STDDEF_H) || defined (__nee...
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ruby project
hi guys this is of kinds off topic but its about ruby programming ive decided to create a 2d rpg us...
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Scope - Public v Protected
I am more after education here rather than solving the issue, because this flies against my understa...
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How can i get C++ programm
Sry im new in this website and new in programming so if i get a little help i might actually appreci...
[8 replies] Last: it is a basic language. (by MoniqueFrisbie)
Consuming C# service through VC++
I want to make a call to a web service that is written in C sharp through Visual C++ or C++ in Visua...
[1 reply] : If you are trying to consume using C++/CLI then post your questeion in... (by webJose)
Geting item from POSITION, MFC Application
So I get my POSITION from POSITION p = m_ListControl.GetFirstSelectedItemPosition(); How do I u...
[1 reply] : There's an example along with the description: (by kbw)
by ajitm
Unhandled exception at 0x00000000 in sample_dbg.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation
Hello Friends, I am getting following my application. "Unhandled exception at 0x00000...
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Why do I need Microsoft visual c++ rather than codeblocks
I have been programming in c++ for a year now and have just started getting into windows programming...
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Help with hiding
Hey C++ forums, I am trying to make an chat application in winsock2.h but the problem is that i wan...
[1 reply] : AnimateWindow (by blackcoder41)
Detecting and Disabling change folder in CFileDialog in MFC at certain case
I am trying to overload the CFiledialog class to add to functionality as per my need. Im not getting...
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Hi guys I have read
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by Ch1156
File locking?
Ok so I was wondering how i would make a lock for a certain program, lets say a text document. The p...
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