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by vxb
Create COM object in a separate thread
I create a worker thread in an MFC GUI application.In the thread I do CoInitialize and then try crea...
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How can my program know if Admin is log out
I wrote a program to imitate windows 8 to make my windows xp start faster: (newshutdown.bat) @cmd...
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by i223a
On-Screen Keyboard
I am trying to write a program similar to the Windows On-Screen Keyboard. Background: Using Syst...
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Dialog Boxes Help
Okay, I am a beginner -- obviously -- to the WIN32 API, and I am having trouble with dialog boxes. I...
[11 replies] Last: Not second line, my mistake. The style line of the dialog box. Which s... (by MrSelfDestruct)
Simple question - creating a new window
Newbie to the win32api, what I'm trying to do is have my app replace the contents of a window, or cr...
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by lmsmi1
Proper Measurements?
I'm designing a GUI with ResEdit then porting the coordinates and sizes of the controls I've impleme...
[3 replies] Last: You can export a version of your code as a C/C++ code, rather than a r... (by TwilightSpectre)
SQL programming: need a start
I have been offered to help out with a website, but I need an SQL library. they are using Navicat...
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by aggsyb
How do I write a loop that has an unkown end?
I have been programming part time for about a month now so if you reply and I dont understand , plea...
[9 replies] Last: OK, so if that's your plan, then I suggest making everything into func... (by newbieg)
Visual C++ Help
Hi guys I'm new to the windows programming thing where should I start?? I'm an expert at consol...
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Really basic Win32 question
How would I make the whole inside of my window show a image, and do it as soon as the window opens? ...
[1 reply] : Hi, Obviously there are resources floating around internet every wher... (by SpaceWorm)
Find DialogBox events handling
Hi i created a find dilog box.Where should i hnadle the FR_FINDNEXT message.i registered the FINDMSG...
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Problem Adding Image to Picturebox
Hi, I have a CLI project in Visual C++ 2010 where I have added a picture box. When I've tried to a...
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Yet another windows questions
When I run my application it says Window creation failed, I think its cause of my header file, but I...
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Large Music Production Software
Hello all, I am trying to edit a Music Production Software for a well-known producer and am fully...
[1 reply] : As far as I know music production is fairly simple depending on what a... (by Johnny111111111)
Syntax error help please?
Wheres my syntax error here? #include "OcRunner.h" IDI_REDXICON ICON "RedXIcon.ico" RedX_Menu...
[2 replies] Last: are you missing an end? i dont use vs but i would think it would need ... (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
serial port HELP
i need to make a program that would "talk" to an output device that i made. i have never made a por...
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Please Help me
Hi, In my application i created Find Dialog box with FINDREPLCAE structure.and processing FR_FIN...
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Help please, and quick :/
I am trying to follow this tutorial, cause it seems to be of great use. I can not seem t figure it o...
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by Toshen
ATL Service and periodic task
Hi! I used ATL to create service in Visual Studio 2010. Than I code some service events( like a OnC...
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How to fit child dialogue in Parent without using tab control mfc
I'm going to develop MFC dialogue based application in which Parent window contain different control...
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