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by LB
This morning I took the Java 7 OCA Certification exam. 30 minutes later I became a certified Java pr...
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what's the best language for hacking? (1,2)
what's the best language for hacking?
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I need a tutor?
I need someone to help me write a program of classes... We would communicate through email not throu...
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Windows 8 is a disapointment! (1,2)
Yesterday I downloaded Windows 8 and installed it on my Virtual Box. Thank god I did not pay for tha...
[22 replies] Last: It is Base64. (by MiiNiPaa)
A Euclidian Modulus function for C++
For anyone who has tried to apply a modulus operator with negative numbers, you have probably discov...
[9 replies] Last: This calls for a programming mathematical error. Use of "round res... (by MiiNiPaa)
I want to make this AMAZING advert into an AWESOME side scroller
Any original side scroller Ideas? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaTRCHbG_IA I don't have to relea...
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Do you guys work on project with teams or not
Hi, I am quite new to this forum but I have not seen may people working on projects with others h...
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Learning C++
I am 14 years old and i have just started to learn C++ 3 days ago, and i need help with it.I need h...
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Linux distributions, kernel, Desktop Environments, POSIX etc
Basically I am wondering what it would take to have a "One Linux Standard". The philosophical issue ...
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by LB
Paint (1,2)
Assuming paint molecules are infinitely small, how much paint do you need to fill the volume of Gabr...
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by Aceix
Pros and cons of Qt
Hi all, I just want to know the advantages and disadvantages of Qt. Thanks, Aceix.
[14 replies] Last: [quote=Zereo]QT1........ A bit outdated don't you think? ;p It was Q... (by keskiverto)
Why, YouTube?
We all should know by now that YouTube has its " strange " side. Why does YouTube allow videos, suc...
[5 replies] Last: My thing has always been if kids can't do or watch it then you should'... (by supperpiccle)
Smallest Hello World
what is the smallest hello world program you ever wrote. i mean in file size, not source length. if ...
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by cire
Stuff being worked on for C++14
Just sharing a link for those that may be interested. http://isocpp.org/blog/2013/04/trip-report-...
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