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What libraries do professional game programmers use to make there games? Probably a silly question, ...
[4 replies] Last: no prob glad you valued my advice. (by DeXecipher)
Do y'all think this is legit??
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irf-HJ4fBls It seems nuts. Not impossible but nuts.
[11 replies] Last: @Chrisname Not really but the company is based in Australia. He's pro... (by closed account o1vk4iN6)
Everybody talks about git....what is it exactly i don't know....it seems like just a code hosting pl...
[15 replies] Last: Git is a necessity in my eyes. It's especially handy on group or large... (by MrHutch)
So, how bout that Rust-lang?
I was linked to this project on git hub that aimed to show an application written in rust running fr...
[5 replies] Last: By free standing they mean something easy to run on the metal, e.g. wi... (by Cheraphy)
Lander physics, how do you like the handling on your spaceship?
So I thought that a spot of constant gravity and a gradually accumulating thrust would simulate a re...
[12 replies] Last: You would instead update your position based on the amount of time in ... (by htirwin)
Feedback on my Prototype (1,2)
Sup guys, I've been a member of this site on and off for about a year now. I'm trying to become mor...
[23 replies] Last: =) Thank you for the feedback twiggystardust. Yessir, the end of the g... (by Code Assassin)
by LB
Learn Git Branching
If you're using git and you want to learn the overall stuff related to branching, merging, rebasing,...
[7 replies] Last: cant wait till im good enough to work on a project with lots of people... (by devonrevenge)
Java, or C++? (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
I've been talking amongst collegues in computer science, and I keep on hearing that companies want p...
[135 replies] Last: I wanna start learning Prolog. Constraint based programming is fascina... (by Cheraphy)
Am I ready to be a C++ programmer?
Hi all. A friend of mine works for a software company and has mentioned that he knows someone wh...
[6 replies] Last: @Fredbill30 reported for not providing useful or relevant answer. ... (by Filiprei)
NYS Open Carry for Muskets? (1,2)
Well I don't want this to turn into some gun debate I just want clear, civilized answers. I was wond...
[24 replies] Last: Thanks ModShop for actually replying to my question. (by closed account N36fSL3A)
Command System (1,2)
How can I make a "command system" like in CMD for my game? Something like spawn musketmen 10 ...
[20 replies] Last: Y'all know that things like Tcl were designed for Fredbill30 's pro... (by Duthomhas)
What is this? (Found in science classroom closet) (1,2,3)
Hey all, just wondering if anyone knew what this thing was: http://home.comcast.net/~michaelthoma...
[40 replies] Last: Internet sarcasism 101:P (by supperpiccle)
Max Memory CPU confusion
Lets assume we have a 4 bit microprocessor (4 bit ALUs, 4 bit registers) and an address bus also 4 b...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you very much for the answers and clarification guys! (by Montario79)
by LB
Castling (1,2,3)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castling In object oriented programming, you should never have to k...
[40 replies] Last: I guess I don't have to point out that there was both getType() and is... (by LB)
Why is python so hyped? (1,2,3)
It's almost like Google payed people to advertise for it. My dad, who works with software engineers,...
[42 replies] Last: Just to chime in, I also hear a lot of people promoting Python around ... (by moorecm)
Challenge Problem
Here is a fairly simple programming challenge; an opportunity for some of the young talent to show t...
[16 replies] Last: Fixed my solution to output the correct values for mode. Now working o... (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
Javascript and html small problem
<html> <head> <title>Rebound: an example game</title> <style> #playingArea_eleme...
[5 replies] Last: okay =). did u have any people can help me through it? that's why i do... (by Lim Boon Jye)
Need a Favor: Exceeded PM daily limt.
Hi, I am having problems PMing Script Coder about something we are doing to gather. It says PM Dail...
[9 replies] Last: well it is not my proffensional email It is a brand new email and I h... (by SpaceWorm)
javascript and html helper
did here is for html and javascript forum to ask advanced senior ? or ? i wan to ask something a...
[1 reply] : This category is a non-C++ category. So, it's kind of the good categor... (by S G H)
Anybody wanna personally teach me (not beginner) C++ (1,2,3)
I am familiar with basic C++. Basic being creating functions, variables, initializing variables, and...
[40 replies] Last: Framework I take that as an insult :( The door is supposed to be made ... (by closed account N36fSL3A)
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