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by Aceix
Free good programs to try out!
I have made a bio creator for download with c++ Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?9x0zd8j0bjg0bsu
[17 replies] Last: [quote=AlitCandle]Any reason why you made gender 10 characters? They s... (by BHX)
I recently started up an album review site
It's not for profit, no ads or anything, I'm not even hosting it. I just wanted to do it. That being...
[3 replies] Last: Nah, I'm talking music. No sense in reviewing a photo album, haha. (by QWERTYman)
Captain Shutdown
Hello guys ! I've created an application that allows you to schedule the shut down of your computer...
[19 replies] Last: [quote=TwoOfDiamonds]create the object::action() function which will d... (by chrisname)
Jobs section
has anyone actually applied to any of the posts there? this doesn't seem like the sort of forum wher...
[1 reply] : I found a new job through the jobs board here. (by PanGalactic)
Blocked from replying to one thread
Does anyone know why this might be? CPP was down for me for a while - could it have something to do ...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks helios that worked !!! A really good tip. (by TheIdeasMan)
Cplusplus version 2?
http://v2.cplusplus.com/forum/ it looks worse, actually, was it an older version?
[10 replies] Last: a quote button would be nice though (by Zephilinox)
by Aceix
Very useful addition tool.
I managed to make an addition tool with the aid of variable arguments. Download link: http://www....
[8 replies] Last: var agrgs are useless in this case, as it can be done in a simple loop... (by viliml)
Codeblocks creating problems (Pointer arithmetic)
Am I the only one who is facing Code Blocks crashes frequently. I have reinstalled it many times . B...
[11 replies] Last: To put in simple terms, this: char *p = "Hello"; *p = 'M'; std::cout... (by helios)
Become a professional c++ programmer?
This will be quite personal but I need to ask some professional employed programmers of what they th...
[4 replies] Last: I see, I am still working on it. Any other more opinions and tips are ... (by Zerpent)
Remove Windows 7 User Password
Does anyone around here know how you can remove a user's password in Windows 7 (or the entire user) ...
[12 replies] Last: Sorry for the late reply guys. I was on a 2 week backpacking trip in t... (by ModShop)
Pixar Open sources their SubDiv Surface library
Not sure how many of you guys are CGI buffs, but if any of you have seen a pixar film in recent year...
[3 replies] Last: Pixar almost invariably make amazing movies (I haven't seen Cars, Cars... (by chrisname)
by Owain
Favourite all time programmers/computer scientists? (1,2,3)
Hello, just thought I would start a nice discussion dedicated to some of the more publicy un-sung he...
[56 replies] Last: [quote=Catfish2] I want to say something funny/sarcastic about the dea... (by Cheraphy)
Try my two player shooter(console game)
first game I've created, call it BattleByte. Pretty proud of my own work i did, if anyone wants to t...
[13 replies] Last: That was great job! gj (by stoffe1100)
web based IDEs?
The only thing keeping me getting a tablet (aside from the issue of money) is the complete lack of s...
[2 replies] Last: Hmm, IDE one really is the best eh? Yea the issue I had was primarily ... (by Cheraphy)
Meeting C++ - Call for Papers
Hi C++ Community! There will be a new european C++ conference this fall in Germany! We are looki...
[7 replies] Last: Hi, <insert_domain> means to replace it with the websites domain. Othe... (by phlox81)
Has CPP been down?
I couldn't access it for several hours today, anyone know why? isup.me also said it was down.
[7 replies] Last: Yeah, down two days in a row. Has to be server. (by BHX)
by Owain
Too much Facebook... (1,2,3)
Is it just me or is anyone sick of seeing Facebook everywhere? On adverts, programs and even in conv...
[44 replies] Last: TIL that gravy is a beverage. (by closed account 1yR4jE8b)
Can you try out my project?
This was made with Microsoft Visual Studio, so you might have to change the headers or something if ...
[2 replies] Last: You do know that you can do mathematical operations directly on char d... (by Computergeek01)
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