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Haters gunna hate (1,2)
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.
[30 replies] Last: Ads should be illegal. @xander337: http://xkcd.com/606/ (by ne555)
A helpful comparison of C++11 support across three popular compilers
[2 replies] Last: @atropos I don't think that cross-platform-ish languages are at the t... (by Luke Leber)
Have a chance to learn Java and Python - Should I take it?
I want to learn C++ more (Been doing it for a year and a half now), but that's all they have; would ...
[14 replies] Last: Unfortunately D is a niche language not used anywhere seriously in ind... (by rapidcoder)
by Owain
Tell some riddles/brain teasers and try and solve other peoples! Here are two simple ones to get th...
[18 replies] Last: @ MaxLascombe : Yes, yes, no. Wazzak (by closed account zb0S216C)
Take how much times to get familiar with a new language and framework
I am a C++ programmer learning c++ with two years, Our boss planning to invest on the android app,...
[3 replies] Last: The project already run several months, but there are many stuffs le... (by stereoMatching)
when and foreach loop
So one night i was thinking of something I can't remember now and suddenly it came to me! A when loo...
[10 replies] Last: so I'm actually very far on a working prototype, but I'm stuck on one ... (by Aramil of Elixia)
WAT / Ugliest Code
Post some of the dumbest looking code that is *valid* in any one language. I can't think of anything...
[3 replies] Last: This: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/INTERCAL Hello World: DO ,1 <- #1... (by Volatile Pulse)
by Witty
Tell Wits
CLEVER GIRL Max is is a student. He studies mathematics. He knows: if a = b and b = c then also a =...
[5 replies] Last: A wit from India I Love My Mother A five Years old boy went to a Ph... (by xander333)
C++ isn't a bad langauge (1,2)
Its just that there is an endless amount of tiny details you have to learn that can cause your progr...
[38 replies] Last: Cubbi: I didn't know that. Thanks for clarifying. Agree, but t... (by Disch)
by Owain
Programming 'mind-block' aviodence
I guess this may be more for hobbiest programmers, but I was just curious to see if my fellow progra...
[10 replies] Last: Well, interestingly if I listen to classical music I seem to program h... (by Owain)
Just a comment about creating the simplest of games
Hello everyone.. I just finished probably the simplest game I will ever create and honestly it to...
[6 replies] Last: Oh thanks Elixia, @ MaxLascombe....Well here is the game http:/... (by dtaqee88)
Bone Headed Mistakes
I just spent about 2 hours redesigning a few of my classes. When I do this type of thing, I usually...
[9 replies] Last: it was running in a debugger and the debugger was probably changing s... (by Moschops)
Suggestions on Custom Laptop Retailers
I'm in the market for a good and relatively powerful laptop. A friend recommended I go to ibuypower....
[15 replies] Last: Woops, yes. iOS is a bit of a moot point; I did mean OSX as in the non... (by Gaminic)
Good anniversary gift for my girlfriend? (1,2)
my 5 month anniversary is coming up with my girlfriend, and considering i forgot the last one(a fate...
[22 replies] Last: Come on now, lads, I think he's got whole "5 months isn't an annivers... (by closed account zb0S216C)
bored :D
hi, I'm just bored and as a programmer, I'd like to do some new programming I've never tried before...
[7 replies] Last: nice ones. I just made one too many years ago, and i did it on a tuto... (by Sajjad Heydari)
New commenting Scheme (1,2)
Where does this style of commenting come from? }//End of main I have been seeing this a lo...
[39 replies] Last: We have hooks that run in our central git repo that runs AStyle on all... (by closed account 1yR4jE8b)
I'm developing a game and the sfml website is down:( it better not be down long the url is www.sfml-...
[11 replies] Last: just download all the website(not so much) in case it went down I've d... (by Sajjad Heydari)
creating a nes emulator in c++11
here are two videos of someone coding, compiling, and running a nes emulator in c++11. i posted this...
[8 replies] Last: wow, that is some ridiculously complex stuff (by closed account zwA4jE8b)
by Disch
Lucky number 7
7777 Jackpot, baby. Roll the dice. 4 of a kind. Spin the wheel. The price is right....
[7 replies] Last: grats on 7777 posts, I hit 333 yesterday, but you've done over 2000 po... (by Zephilinox)
I used to think Twitter was silly
And no, this thread really isn't about Twitter at all. https://twitter.com/MarsCuriosity And g...
[7 replies] Last: Relevent RvB: http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=54 [quote=tucker]th... (by Luke Leber)
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