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Tony Hoare's Faliure
I remember reading ealier that one of the reasons the Ada language didnt become very popular is that...
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by dayo
Looking for Kickstarter'esque site advice please
Hi, I am writing in the hope that I could either get some advice or even better aquire a busines...
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Syntax highlighting
I am going to write an assembly editor in java. I got this idea while working with FASM's fresh IDE...
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Host files
any url with '' on the same line means it is blocked, right? If there are a whole bunch of ...
[7 replies] Last: the HOST file is used to define custom name resolution. You're compute... (by Thumper)
Raspberry Update! (1,2)
Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that Raspberry Pies are flippin sweet! I've gotten mine up and...
[29 replies] Last: http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/index.php these guyz'l set you stra... (by devonrevenge)
"Hackers" blow my mind. (1,2,3)
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/advisory/2794220 People seem to talk trash on "hacker...
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VC++ 2010 Express requirements
Hi there i want to buy a small laptop,just for programming. I searched overall but i couldn't find ...
[7 replies] Last: By the way, VC++ 2012 Desktop edition will run in Windows 7 instead of... (by LB)
I think I just got phished D:
I was creating a new account on some website that looked legit. I should have paid more attention to...
[6 replies] Last: It looks to be an Apache server. Chances are it got hijacked. (by ResidentBiscuit)
BOOKs (1,2)
Does anyone know some good books I can read when my c++ book gets a bit dry. I don't want suggestion...
[20 replies] Last: Oh, yes I am considering buying it for the kindle. Getting the real th... (by Filiprei)
Windows ASM tutorial
I would like to know where I could find a good Windows assembly tutorial. I have looked it up but al...
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by LB
Strongly-typed Duck-typed language, does it exist?
Go by Google is looking pretty good, in fact it is 90% satisfactory for me, but it isn't really inte...
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by LB
I'm a pioneer
In the past and even to this day, when you create a game or application you set up the classes and s...
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After thought on binary and computers that think more like our brains
One of my options for a Uni course is AI, im very exited about it but chose it simply because there ...
[14 replies] Last: Am gonna plug myself in to my raspberry PI deus ex eat your heart out.... (by devonrevenge)
I cannot decide what to do with my future
I have been staring at my computer screen hoping I would come up with a miracle decision. Mechanic...
[8 replies] Last: I was really exited about electronics years ago i got quite far in an ... (by devonrevenge)
Why are APIs talked about on here? (1,2,3)
When I tried to google what APIs are the only understanding I could get is that they are for web-app...
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Weird output?
I wrote a small program that inputs a number n . then does 2 to the power of n . I realized afterw...
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People who have more than 1000 posts.
To the people who have more than 1000 posts: Do you go back and check on the posts you made after a ...
[15 replies] Last: a year you say... I know you're a linux guy, but wasn't it you that I... (by ResidentBiscuit)
by iggy
basic probability question
bag has 16 balls 4 are red-12 white if 2 balls are pulled -what is the prob. 1 is red? not returnin...
[14 replies] Last: You see, but I should have stated first time and second time, sorry. (by Script Coder)
by NGen
Strangest Programming Bugs
While working on a program (or using someone else's), what are the strangest bugs that you have ever...
[6 replies] Last: .:. http://cplusplus.com/forum/beginner/88507/ Lesson 1 .:. Don'... (by usandfriends)
C# is The Language Of The Year (1,2,3)
Well I was looking at this website and found this interesting thing for you people. If you want to l...
[51 replies] Last: C# is a language, Visual C# is a product in the same way C++ is a lang... (by kbw)
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