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What is the hardest thing in C++? (1,2,3,4)
Hello, I was wondering how hard programming can really get. Im not trying to get ahead of myself, Im...
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by LB
I just found something cool
It has the word "C++11" in its description :D https://github.com/r-lyeh/tracey/blob/master/sample...
[4 replies] Last: im sure its the beginning of something beautiful (by devonrevenge)
RHEL5 - Stop daemon from starting at boot
I've been searching around for awhile and can't find much on this. I have a service that needs to no...
[5 replies] Last: chkconfig sendmail off chkconfig is a simple utility in CentOS 5 th... (by keskiverto)
[Humour] How to feel like a professional programmer
I didn't find an English translation of this gem, so I made one myself. Thanks to this unique e...
[5 replies] Last: This is why to make a contract and do nothing but the contract. "You ... (by LB)
Could use some additions to the article I have been working on.
So for the past few weeks I have been think on how I could give back to this forum and others that h...
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Skills USA
I signed up for a "programming" competition within the skillsUSA competitions. I've made it to state...
[1 reply] : Alas, you are really on the wrong forum for this. VB is very much an ... (by Duthomhas)
Computer Geek Jokes (1,2,3)
A man begins touching a women in a way he shouldn't, he whispers in her ear "It's ok, I'm a friend c...
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by LB
Flip Five - Competition Problem
I just got back from a 3-hour competitive programming competition. There were 7 problems, my team ma...
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Can someone answer my question?8 (1,2)
I need help with my program and no one ever replied... can someone give me tips thanks!
[23 replies] Last: Variable is a name for a memory location. When a function introduces a... (by keskiverto)
How can I monitor whats leaving my ports, what the data is and where its going?
could I build a simple program that would simply copy the data leaving selected ports and out put it...
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I just realized this
Not sure why it took me this long, but... yeah... //Return 1 on true and 0 on false bool isEv...
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Why do programmers care about their little stupid tools when it's abstracted from the chip?
Data types ... abstraction. Filesystem ... abstraction. Values ... abstraction. Why do prog...
[15 replies] Last: Obligatory xkcd links: http://xkcd.com/676/ http://xkcd.com/378/ htt... (by Cheraphy)
Do you think augmented reality could ruin our lives
I thought augmented reality would be cool but actually I think it will make people even more wilfuly...
[7 replies] Last: Im trying to get the title to best say what i mean but its really hard... (by devonrevenge)
What do you think the hardest part of writing a kernel would be?
Hey, so I thought about partaking a small kernel like a DOS-similar system with only 16-bit computin...
[14 replies] Last: I think the hardest part would be adding support for multiple keyboard... (by LB)
Wallpapers thread
In this thread, your wallpapers. Here's the source image of my current wallpaper: http://www.hrl...
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m_Why? (1,2)
Why does it seem everyone uses the prefix 'm_'? Could someone explain?!?!
[23 replies] Last: My code will never be in the std namespace → My code will be in th... (by chrisname)
how to make without name folder?
Hi Dears, i am happy sharing this information. See..... 1. Create New folder and remove N...
[9 replies] Last: I found the Unicode code for the zero-width joiner: U+200D . On Linux... (by ostar2)
Movies thread (1,2)
Well, I've seen Les Miserables. Heard Wolverine sing. Felt sorry for Javert when he killed himself, ...
[23 replies] Last: The Usual Suspects is good every time. (by keskiverto)
by kbw
Overly helpful compiler
I've noticed that compilers sometimes attempt to fix common user errors. For example, beginners a...
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Minecraft Server Error
I have been trying to make a Minecraft Server for my friends and I. However, when I try to apply th...
[1 reply] : Why don't you ask your question at the right place? http://www.minecr... (by Catfish3)
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