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by giblit
Raspberry Pi (1,2)
Who all owns one and what have they done with theirs such as turn it into a gps , game system , ect....
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What do the British have against Americans? (1,2,3)
Well I saw some politics thread so I don't know what's wrong if I post this question... I just want...
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Why every one like to make games
Hello, I noticed that most new users want to learn programming just to make games, I also like ma...
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shrinking C drive in win7
Hello I always use C for system only, and F for recovery, and make drive E for the files but the l...
[6 replies] Last: When you shrink you will get a new partition i think and you can add i... (by senhor)
Areas in programming
Hey all, I have been reading a few threads on the forum and they have gotten me thinking that I do n...
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Debate: married programmers vs single programmers (1,2)
Hello, After looking, searching, browsing, and analyzing I say that single programmers are way be...
[23 replies] Last: your right, sociable compromise. (by devonrevenge)
Best Computer (1,2)
Anyone know any good computer that sells for $950 USD or 3000 MYR?
[20 replies] Last: 16 GB is just a waste right now. Better off spending the money on a so... (by ResidentBiscuit)
Let's talk about "Fu*k Pointers Days"
Hey there guys, do you still remember those days when you're learning pointers and saying "Fu*k this...
[10 replies] Last: In hindsight its so simple, a pointer is a pointer to a reference whic... (by devonrevenge)
by senhor
Movies about programming, hacking etc.. (1,2)
Can you recommend me good movies about programming?
[20 replies] Last: I know how to play movie from the TV. The problem is how combine the m... (by senhor)
Another Debate : Who would win? USA or Great Britain? (1,2,3)
Well I was looking through off topic Minecraft forums and I found this: http://www.minecraftforum.ne...
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Quake 3 bots, 4 years of training, and a stalemate (1,2)
http://i.imgur.com/dx7sVXj.jpg Excuse the language in this pic, as it is a screen cap of a conver...
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by senhor
Why are you learning c++? (1,2)
Why are you learning c++? My desire is being able to code games in the future so we are learning c...
[38 replies] Last: Oh wait I misread the title :P For c++... hmm... I like how fast c++... (by StevenChartis)
by senhor
Knowing each other
I think this is not a site for only asking questions and I can make new friends there so I want to k...
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Belly Dancing Wookiee
This was mentioned on the radio earlier today. Has it already been posted about here?? I see the vi...
[4 replies] Last: oh my, why chewie. . . why So you think it's Chewie in drag, rather... (by andywestken)
The whole leat speak crazy has kind of faded away. I don't blame them, howewever. What started as a ...
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Have you ever seen something like that?
Hello, away from programming, see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vux_-vJvHww I was ve...
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How do you learn c++?
Hi all.. I just wanted to ask all how do you learn c++.How do you learn personally? >Read book/s (...
[9 replies] Last: Thanks for your replays..ill check out some books...and site...thanks ... (by closed account EwCjE3v7)
by Carm
Cplusplus.com, but for Java
Hi, is there a site for Java that is like Cplusplus.com? I've tried and failed. Mostly find dead sit...
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by BHX
DOXYGEN Is it a good tool?
Been debating on this myself and figured this was the best place to ask and get input from other pro...
[7 replies] Last: I'll have to give graphviz a try. Installed it on crunchbang and will ... (by BHX)
by Manga
funny variable names... (1,2,3)
A bit immature I know but these make me laugh. for star trek fans there is int erPrize; wha...
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