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by LB
Minecraft servers are simulating economies and even kids understand it
http://www.sssminecraft.info/Forum/index.php?topic=567.0 (requires login) Chrome-saved Webpage: ht...
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Visual Studio 2013 RC
In case anyone else is interested the release candidate is available for free download. http://ww...
[11 replies] Last: If history (or common sense) is any gauge to go by, the RC version wi... (by Catfish4)
by senhor
What to do next?
Hi guys, Surprisingly I am learning C++ and I want to develop my own games. The problem is I don...
[2 replies] Last: Try visiting http://www.gamedev.net (by closed account D80DSL3A)
vlad from moscow (1,2,3,...,6,7,8,9)
At the time of this posting, his account has "limited functionality". http://www.cplusplus.com/user...
[177 replies] Last: Hey no one would argue Vlad's smarts. He knew a lot. I for one liked h... (by Manga)
by ngopza
is terminal good (1,2)
Guys I am curious.I have been programming for 10months now.All I used is terminal and a text editor....
[20 replies] Last: Purist? No such thing as a purist programmer, IMO. I just like to expe... (by BHX)
by LB
Was it only unintuitive to me?
A long time ago I read Disch's famous article: http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/articles/10627/ Fast-...
[11 replies] Last: I guess I said it in a really redundant way, but what I meant is that ... (by LB)
by Manga
game maker! :(
I was just needing something to do while at work. So I downloaded a free version of Game Maker studi...
[3 replies] Last: I know, for shame... Mostly I thought if I could get a slight handl... (by Manga)
One-time pad with PRNG's?
Once upon a time, this (XOR encryption): http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/60149/ Ever since...
[8 replies] Last: No, it is not secure. One-time work when the attacker cannot easily f... (by Duthomhas)
How do you structure game servers?
I can use winsock2 to send images and such over the internet, but I don't know how you structure a g...
[4 replies] Last: No, I mean recognizing which data type is which. Not worried about sen... (by Fredbill 30)
Writing a Resume for Jobs/Internships
Does anyone here have any experience writing a resume for a computer science internship or job? I h...
[4 replies] Last: If you google for model or sample resumes for programmers, you'll find... (by andywestken)
All code Objective-C Cocoa Application
I want to make a Cocoa applictation using all code in Xcode, not using the Interface Builder. I have...
[4 replies] Last: Ok, Thank you! (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
Favorite OS?
What is your favorite OS and why? Mine is definitely OS X. I can't explain it well; I just like ...
[9 replies] Last: What is your favorite OS and why? There are so many and so varied so ... (by closed account z05DSL3A)
Daunting Design Decisions
Contrary to the melodramatic title (I just wanted to alliterate), this thread is simply a request fo...
[10 replies] Last: Okay, I'll go back to just using sf::Texture and loading it when the s... (by chrisname)
Dual booting (1,2)
Is it possible to dual boot Win7 and Win8 so that all the programs are still visible from both syste...
[20 replies] Last: THANK YOU!!!!!! I am now on Linux, though I decided to go with linux m... (by twiggystardust)
having trouble with wireshark
so im starting to get into networking as a hobby, and was interested to see what my code was doing a...
[2 replies] Last: thanks that worked (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
Strange Qt glitch?
I'm have a very annoying problem with Qt, I can't just drag and drop things to forms. Buttons, input...
[1 reply] : I assume you mean the QT Creator IDE? Here is what I would do personal... (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
what would be the outcome of actual lightsabers being available in shops, lets say they are $500.
Cos scientists have bound together light to create a new state of matter! http://www.independent.co...
[3 replies] Last: The actual article is http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/vaop/ncurre... (by Cubbi)
Need help with atomic oribitals.Help please
In the 3d series : Scandium Configuration: 3d1 4s2 Why isn't it 3d2 4s1? Since half filled or...
[10 replies] Last: [quote=Cubbi]Depending on your point of view, that may be sufficient t... (by a k n)
Just wondering
Decided to remove my post. Thanks to those who read erock
[1 reply] : Why quit? Excel at your class and become proficient at what you learn.... (by Superdude)
by modic
Kill the person below you (1,2,3)
On the first line, dodge an attack of the person above you Second line, attack the person below you...
[54 replies] Last: Kamehameha's the piano into the sun, Kills the one below with wet wil... (by Fredbill 30)
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