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C++ Compiler
Does anyone know of any suitable online C++ Compiler that similar to Microsoft Visual C++ compiler?
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Survey: How did you find out about cplusplus.com? (1,2,3)
1. How did you *CHALLENGE* = Make a program that collects these results :P
[43 replies] Last: Browsers are generally written in C++. Webservers are usually C. Websi... (by chrisname)
Calculus - Derivate using limit def.
y = sqrt(2x + 1) Using the limit definition, I just keep getting left with 2, which isn't right...
[11 replies] Last: We actually just talked about implicit differentiation in class today.... (by ResidentBiscuit)
to all whom i got into an arguement with today
the only one who i can think off the top of my head is zereo. so anyways i want to apologize. while ...
[3 replies] Last: Life is full of debates. I was going to say; it is part of a programme... (by Oria)
which code::blocks do i want?
im going to download code::blocks to my 64-bit windows 7 home premium machine. what code::blocks do ...
[1 reply] : nvr mnd i figured it out (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
can name all 150 (1,2,3,4)
in all seriousness... can i put that in my resume?
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Should deleting your question and posts deserve a report?
So recently I have been seeing a lot of people deleting the questions they ask and the posts they ha...
[5 replies] Last: Unfortunately, reporting them (even if it didn't have the issue cire m... (by Zhuge)
Who spends all their time on this website?
I've seen people with post counts at 100, then they go up to like 400 in the next few hours and days...
[2 replies] Last: lol I post too. (by greenleaf800073)
Who are the people behind the screen? (1,2)
Hello I was wondering who are all of you folks that take your lovely time to help us with our progra...
[32 replies] Last: 21/22 year old hobbyist for 5 years. I don't plan on doing anything wi... (by closed account zb0S216C)
Why makefiles (1,2)
I don't understand why.
[36 replies] Last: That is basically what your sentence broke down into spooner :). Oh ho... (by closed account 3qX21hU5)
Revolution os
one of the greatest documentaries ive seen. are there any others like it
[4 replies] Last: well obviously. (by closed account Dy7SLyTq)
Maths Question
Sorry for the horrible handwriting and drawings. http://picpaste.com/Question-zdfK0hLF.png NOTE: It...
[6 replies] Last: I understand, thanks guys. (by Script Coder)
by LB
Impossible Game
How far will you get? http://www.LB-Stuff.com/Flash/ImpossibleGame.html Disclaimer: You may not...
[7 replies] Last: I wouldn't categorize it as a game anyways. If that is a game, then ho... (by BHX)
GUID Getting
How do i get (a valid) guid for a windows scripting componet.
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Fire Emblem Online Bug (1,2)
Hey guys, i found a bug on feo. dont use it. its if you attack someone and then before ending your t...
[20 replies] Last: Yeah, again, I can't really help you guys when it comes to programming... (by Reeceboy1299)
Open Source vs Closed Source (worst that can happen)?
Ok guys, I am still working on this library (a game engine for sure). Its coming together since I am...
[3 replies] Last: @tition, its about 3mb large, but I think LOC is irrevelant, and I don... (by DeXecipher)
How do you make a program that opens up, works, but then doesn't show the cmd?
Pretty long title huh?
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by LB
A pair of x is/are (1,2,3)
In English writing, which is more correct? The pair of butterflies are alive. The pair of butter...
[51 replies] Last: Say "shkler parents", then. (by chrisname)
Coolest vehicle ever. (1,2)
I am struggling with deciding whether an F-14 Tomcat, a zeppelin, a DeLorean, a hydrofoil, or a mini...
[24 replies] Last: its solve when its solved fredbill, hes mulling over it i think so you... (by devonrevenge)
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