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best office client
im interning at a company and they are having me audit content that gets uploaded to their site. i d...
[8 replies] Last: Open Office is good. (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
Evolution of the hacker
So while i came after this time, when I hear hacker I think Richard Stallman, Linus Torvald, Bajarne...
[9 replies] Last: yeah its just my imagination picturing these computers out in the open... (by devonrevenge)
free website builder, and free domain.
Does anyone know of a free website builder, and that will let me have my website a .com without payi...
[7 replies] Last: You can have free .tk top-level domain at http://www.dot.tk and a free... (by a k n)
looking for android game app tutorials/books
i would love to make a simple game like doodle jump i.e. the player jumps on platforms and moves up ...
[7 replies] Last: but nothing about using tilt in the phone its under motions and sen... (by Paoletti301)
by sumsar
Getting started with game programming? (1,2)
I'm 16 and I been programming c++ for 6 month now. I Know all about console Programming and have fi...
[30 replies] Last: Wait, he didn't do that already? I thought he has. Anyway I'd recommen... (by closed account N36fSL3A)
Any good challenges for intermediate level C++? (1,2,3,4)
Post 'em here. I'm already gonna attempt the NES emulator thing, I just want to know if I'm good ...
[66 replies] Last: no i wasnt, because if its shouldn't then that means your parents are... (by closed account N36fSL3A)
by chipp
FB page (1,2,3)
do this forum has facebook page?
[49 replies] Last: Nope. I think I only said it twice on this forum. (by closed account N36fSL3A)
I realize that the internet cannot be completley controlled or snooped on by governments
I been worried about liberty and the direction of the internet recently but then I realized; If y...
[15 replies] Last: they might lock you up in one without a trial for being a troll troll ... (by devonrevenge)
thrill of diablo 3? (1,2)
so me and my boss are big blizzard fans, and he introduced me to diablo 3. i had never played it (or...
[34 replies] Last: Regardless I highly doubt barbs will dominate pvp. Weak CC, weak esc... (by ENIGMAx)
by LB
This is the worst thing that can happen to you. And it's happened to me twice. Initializer lists in ...
[6 replies] Last: That doesn't mean it's not annoying ;) (by LB)
python seems so easy (1,2,3,4,5)
I first began with c++ when i was 12 and it was really frustrating(I managed to finish c++ for dummi...
[95 replies] Last: you don't go on very much >.> From my understanding it means that I... (by Script Coder)
Using minGW with Code::Blocks
Where do I choose to use minGW in Code::Blocks?
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, Zereo! (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
by Manga
game idea anyone? (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
I think a great game should start with a great idea. I've got some ideas but don't know if they a...
[123 replies] Last: but wait what if this will be new feature in new internet standard? (by Manga)
by BHX
Confidence Building Projects (1,2,3)
Been sitting here today thinking. Books teach you the language and normally the exercises just have ...
[51 replies] Last: Yes. =) (by Disch)
Accurate arctan()
I've been playing around with bigfloats and Carlson's method of accurately calculating arctangent va...
[10 replies] Last: Maybe for measuring distances to stars through parallax? Crap. Well,... (by Duthomhas)
Making money from Games
I've been wondering, how much money one could potentially earn if one would make a simple game that ...
[16 replies] Last: Yes. Illegally and legally. (by closed account N36fSL3A)
Favorite Library: Logging (1,2,3)
There are tons of logging libraries out there, literally. There's a logging library for every framew...
[50 replies] Last: I end up taking longer than usual with my projects. After I get a lot ... (by closed account N36fSL3A)
How do you statically insert a data byte in memory using x86 machine code?
Hello all! I am trying to find out how I can statically insert a byte using x86 binary opcodes/mach...
[3 replies] Last: You can use DOS utility debug, (by vlad from moscow)
by Smac89
All c++ Standard library in one include statement!
Found this interesting post on codeforces. Thought I should share it with you guys: http://codefo...
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