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by Disch
Axis & Allies (1,2)
Anyone play it? I'm a huge fan of the Avalon Hill "revised" edition (artillery and destroyers first...
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by lekus
jst curious
Seriously when can u say u knw enof c++, cos have jst kept learning this stuff and it dosent seem t...
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Anyone make a video game? (1,2,3)
I made one. You are an orc and you must conquer the other tribes around to win.
[42 replies] Last: Unless you actually have something else to add to the conversation. (by Lachlan Easton)
Favorite Songs
What is everyone's favorite song? Mine is either something by Dubba Jonny or I'm on fire (Beam me up...
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Laptops Or Desktops (1,2)
Which do you prefer? i tend to go for Desktops because of easy maintenance. just bought a lapt...
[25 replies] Last: darkestfright: On that last subject, if you've used the two, how does ... (by helios)
Wifi Hacking tool
Hello, I have searched in several sites, but most of them are viruses, or with other languages, My ...
[15 replies] Last: It's not BT that does the work. BT is just a distro that comes with a ... (by ResidentBiscuit)
What do you do if you are bored with a programming exercise? (1,2)
Some of us learn programming through books, and for those who try to test what we have just read, we...
[21 replies] Last: @Czar05 @vlad from moscow, wow thats amazing. How proficient are ... (by vlad from moscow)
Tiled Map Editor
I have downloaded Tiled Map Editor and I want to know how or where to download the tiles for the map...
[17 replies] Last: Lazyfoo isn't on youtube. => http://lazyfoo.net/ Tutorial in question... (by BHX)
I've been closely following the new Haswell processors because I'll need a new laptop when I go to c...
[11 replies] Last: Quite the necro. (by ResidentBiscuit)
I'm working on a project and i have a question, will GLUT and SDL work together? GLUT as the renderi...
[14 replies] Last: It's phased out on newer versions of OpenGL, but older versions still ... (by htirwin)
Linus Torvalds
As big an ass he is, I can't help but love his style. http://arstechnica.com/information-technolog...
[14 replies] Last: @Disch, Duoas I somewhat agree with you, with the addendum that we (or... (by chrisname)
A program that uses an imagination rather than memory...how can i research this
I want to make a (relatively) super simple console program that uses its memory and then applies a l...
[3 replies] Last: oh cool (by devonrevenge)
Radical Language Modification
Hey all, I'm playing around with bignums again... I just realized I could do something cool and m...
[7 replies] Last: Stack-based-delayed evaluation. b(c) returns a temp object. Yeah, I ... (by Duthomhas)
I am still learning c++, learned couple of important standard headers such as <iomanip><iosrtream><c...
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I am a cat (1,2,3)
and you cannot prove otherwise.
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Some Morale Boost required :)
Hi! I have been working hard on a desktop software project. I have already invested 6 months of m...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks guys, yes you are right, there is no point in getting discourag... (by abhishekm71)
Is cplusplus.com's search engine ill?
Is cplusplus.com's search engine poorly at the moment? I just tried to find a thread I remembered a...
[3 replies] Last: Yea thats what i do BHX or i ask the question.. (by closed account EwCjE3v7)
Do you use Linux (1,2,3,4,5)
I wanted to know how many ppl use linux to program What version of Linux (ie ubuntu)? I use ubun...
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Simple Java Question!
Not quite sure if I'm allowed to post this here, but great community on this site, so I'm going to t...
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by CroCo
Math symbols in a forum?
It seems trivial to you but I didn't find a way to do it. How can I type math equations in this foru...
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